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Not to Miss International Conferences in 2017

These days it is not enough to read books to gain knowledge. It is also essential to make the maximum out of the resources that are available hot at hand for us. To gain complete knowledge about the surroundings and the different works and projects that are going on one must have to make use of technology. The technology these days enables us to know about the various conferences across the globe and gives us details about them so that we can make the most out of it. We need to stay updated to our field at all times in order to produce quality work. These conferences will be an informative step towards our goals.

There are thousands of conferences in various different fields and different topics that go on every year and it becomes really difficult to stay updated until and unless the proper use of technology is done. There are various conference alerts which once you register in them will give you a regular update on the upcoming events and the kind of topics that is expected to be discussed in that conference or event in a nut shell. This will help you to keep a track of the various conferences worldwide by staying at a particular place and choose the ones you think will add value to your knowledge. There are conferences held in every field in every corner of the world throughout the year thus to stay updated with the information well in advance will help you prepare for the same and attend or participate in the same.

Promote Your Upcoming Conference through Conference Listing

Furthermore there might be multiple events around the same time, so by having an idea about the events and the conferences in advance along with its content you can decide which ones to attend and which ones to let go. This will in turn make your planning much easier and your life sorted knowledge-wise.

Some of the International conferences which you should not miss in 2017 are:

  • CLINICA: This is expected to be a very interesting conference in Clinical Research, Clinical Trials and Medical writing. Organized by ABC Biologics, calls for all professionals in the field to join the conference and discuss the present progress in their field. It is supposed to be held on the 1st of September in Bangalore.
  • IJIEEE-International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Communication & Robotics Engineering (ICEECR): Organized by IJIEEE, this conference is expected to be very interesting given the trends in Robotics in various industries at present. It is going to be held in Mumbai on the 2nd of September this year and the registration process has begun already.
  • ASAR-International Conference on Business Management, Economics, Social Science and Humanities (ICBMESSH): This conference organized by ASAR is one of the key conferences held this year which speaks about the various advances in the field of Economics, Business Management, Social Science and Humanities. The venue being in Pune, the conference is expected to be held on the 3rd of September 2017.
  • NRF- National Conference on Recent Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology (NCRISET-2017): Organized at Hyderabad by the Nation Research Forum on the 2nd of September 2017 this conference is expected to unveil certain important innovations in the field of Science and Engineering taking place around us at present.
  • IRF-International Conference on Pharmaceutical, Medical & Environmental Health Sciences (icpharme-2017): To be held in Mysore on 3rd September, this conference is expected to provide a platform for industries and institutions to come hand in hand and discuss the present works happening in their individual fields at present.
  • Academics World-234th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC): The conference is being held on the 13th and 14th of September 2017 in Bali, India. This conference is based on the advanced information on Artificial intelligence which is a major leap in almost all industries in the present day scenario.
  • IRAJInternational Academics Conference on Civil and Structural Engineering (IACCSE): Dated on 17th of September, this conference is basically dedicated to the Academics of Civil and structural engineering and this gives the basic knowledge about the recent progress in the field of civil engineering. It is supposed to be organized in Chennai by IRAJ.
  • ISETEInternational Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial and Civil Engineering (ICMMICE): This conference is supposed to be held in Kolkata on the 24th September by ISETE. It is organized to give the professionals a basic idea about the recent advances in the field of Mechanical, Civil, Industrial and Manufacturing Industry.
  • WRFERInternational Conference on Forestry Food and Sustainable Agriculture (ICFFSA): Food and Agriculture industry in our country is improving by the day thus this conference has immense importance in the present day scenario. To be held on the 1st of October in Bangalore, this international conference is expected to answer all queries about forestry, food and agricultural industry at present.
  • ISSRDInternational Conference on Recent Developments in Computer & Information Technology (ICRDCIT): The conference is supposed to be held in Bhubaneswar on the 22nd of October. This has been organized in order to encourage and promote the wellbeing of the academicians and make them work towards their goal will more zeal. It is a conference to look forward to.
  • International Conference on Communication, Devices and Computing: Supposed to be held in Haldia, Organized by the ECE department of HIT, this is supposed to be a forum for industrialists, researchers, scientists and scholars to come together and share their views on various topics. It is to be held from the 2nd to the 3rd of November.

There are many more international conferences spread across the country for the next few months and the various Conference Alert websites are available to guide you with the same. These conferences are on various different topics and in all kinds of fields. Thus you need to look through the list and register at the earliest for the ones you want to attend. This is actually a very interactive way of knowing your subject better and being updated about the different works being undertaken on the same.

Upcoming Social Sciences and Humanities Conferences

Mid time of the year and at various part conferences on humanities and social science are taking place. The conferences are held for taking steps towards the betterment of a future. The conferences are aiming to spread knowledge about the versatile and distinctive discussion on this field. The attempt for sustaining resources in energy, its development and to secure human future globally will mainly be the focused area of these conferences.

The new direction in the field of humanities, exploration of traditions in the human culture, and innovative practices that will help setting a new agenda in the near future will also be the theme of these conferences. The new directions on the networks of humanities research and possible chances to improve human surroundings will also be in the discussion area.

List of Social Science & Humanities Conferences:

  • 229th International Conference on Education and Social Science: 16th-17th Aug: The 229th conference on education and social science organized by the ISER is going take place in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

This prestigious event on social science and education is held in the international platform to provide an excellent opportunity for the researchers, academicians, building students, industrial participants, and engineers. It aims in sharing the research findings with the global experts.

  • 233rd International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 17th -18th Aug: Organized by the IASTEM this 233rd international conference will be held at Denver in United States of America.

This Humanities and Social Science Conference, aims in bringing together the industrial experts and the innovative academics, to share their ideas under a common forum.

  • 234th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 19th – 20th AUG: This conference will be held in the United Kingdom at Oxford. This conference is being organized by the IASTEM.

The conference will have industrial experts and creative academics to share and nurture their ideas in the field of humanities and social science.

  • 235th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 21st – 22nd Aug: The 235th ICSSH event is taking place at Czech Republic, Prague.

The conference will be held in the interest to bring the innovative academics and industrial experts together in the field of humanities and social discussion under one roof.

  • 237th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 25th–26th Aug:

This ICCSH 237th conference is being scheduled in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The conference aims to bring together the social expertise and the rising creative academicians studying and researching in the field of social sphere and environment. The conference will have them to share and exchange their ideas for the betterment in this field globally.

  • The 238th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 27th-28th Aug: This is the 238th Social Science and Humanities conference organized by the IASTEM. It will be held a Muscat in Oman. The event will start on 27th Aug and ends on 28th Aug the next day.

This event is organised for exploration in the sphere of humanities and social science and how to make thing better for the future. The conference will have industrial experts and scholars and researchers together sharing and exchanging ideas.

  • The 241st ICSSH: International conference on Social Science and Humanities- 3rd Sept-4th Sept: The 241st ICSSH event is taking place in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is again being organized by the one and only IASTEM. The deadline proposals and abstracts are 27th of Aug.

The industrial specialists and innovative academics will share a common forum in this conference to discuss in this field.

  • 22nd International Conference on Social Science & Humanities: 5th-6th Sept: This ICSSH conference will take place in Bali, Indonesia on 5th of Sept.

The theme of this conference will be evolution and change in mass media, catering technology, tourism and cultural exchange, solutions for the challenges faced in practice and academics, work life balance, and addressing problems occurred due to change in life styles, and several other issues related to human life and social environment.

  • Annual International Conference on Research Ethics in social Sciences and Humanities: 6th – 7th Sept: This annual conference on social science and humanities will be held at Cairo in Egypt. This event is being organized by the African Academy of Research.

The conference will be held to showcase the emerging issues in the field of social sciences globally. Scientists, scholars, and researchers are invited to participate in this event and share their significant ideas and research.

The above list gives all the date and venue of the conferences on social science and humanities that will take part across the globe. Make your registrations and entry now and don’t miss a chance to attend these vital conferences and discussions on this field, which is a serious part of today’s world.

How to get the Most out of a Conference

A conference is a place of education. It is a place of sharing information and holding debates regarding the topic that is being discussed. First of all, let’s get to know the different types of conference. The types and categories and are almost the saes, with only a few differences.

The conference as we know it iOS generally held by an organization or an or an association for discussing a particular may also be hosted keeping in mind to nurture and establish new relations with the neighboring competition. The more informal version of the conference is what we call a symposium, the only difference being the addition of a banquet followed by the meeting. The seminar is what we refer to as a students discussion session. Well-renowned processors from many institutions attend these seminars and speak on a particular topic. Compared to the previous two forms, this one is purely for and educational purpose.

The type of conference we are going to discuss is the first one. Related to a strict business and industrial zone, a conference can mean great many things and present to you endless opportunities to evolve your business into a better one. Generally, the company hosting the conference has only one thing in mind and that us ROI or Return on Investment. It is not necessary that they will get to have all the benefits for themselves. These conferences are attended by some eminent people and it doesn’t matter if you’re hosting the conference or not. You may as well make the best fo the situation. Here is how to do it:

  1. Event Hashtags: The marketers are quite active on twitter. Any updates regarding the event long with any kind of information is readily updated on the twitter accounts. In order to get the most out of a conference, it is imperative to follow the event on twitter. There will be times when specific applications or event packages will be released which will be related to the event. It is best to download them and keeping ones updated to the latest information and trivia related to the particular conference. The event hashtag is a vital source of information for any conference visitors and in order to get the most out of any conference, it is best to follow the event.
  2. Participating in Contests: Conferences are all about giveaways. The company visiting the conference have only one goal in mind, and that is to make themselves known their contemporaries. Most of the times talking to them about the matters of the company is not feasible. So what they resort to are giveaways. By giving aways company products as prizes, these companies gain an acquaintance with the other visitors at the conference. In order to get the most out of a conference, it is essential to participate ion these events. You may start receiving business letters, calls and partnership proposals for the next few months, but the effort is worth it. The freebies may prove to be a good help in the long run. A few emails crowding your inbox is not very bad deal.
  3. Exchange your ideas: Don’t fall into the abyss where you share out your business ideas with only your colleagues. It may be a good idea not to leak your plans to another company but this also limits your growth, for instance, you don’t get a view of an outsider. The person hearing you out will judge what you said very strictly. it goes without saying that your ideas will go under a decent level of scrutiny. The feedback may be worth the effort and may help you to come up with an even more brilliant idea. In the case where you’re still skeptical of your audience, make it as brief as possible and don’t share the explicit details to them. In order to get the most out of a conference, it is imperative to get an opinion of the people visiting a conference. Most of the members attending the conference will be seasoned veterans. Their words of wisdom may prove to be the missing link in transforming yours idea into much better one.
  4. Taking a different approach: In a place where people are always asking about work, you have to stand out. You must keep in mind to leave a mark on everyone you speak at the conference. There are tons of ways of breaking the ice. Get comfortable while talking. Talk to them and show genuine interest in their Once, they have a better impression of you, then speak about your business proposition. Setting a ground for acceptance is essential before you go about pitching your ideas to another individual.
  5. Dress properly: Presentation is the key and the rate of your success in a conference is directly dependent on your dress appeal. A good and well-maintained dress gives out a confident vibe. A strong persona appeals to everyone and people will feel more comfortable while talking to someone who generally has a good dress. Also, there is the point where you have to present yourself in a meaningful conversation. However, a proper dress ensures that you have already won 40% of the battle.
  6. Make up your mind: Think about your true goal of finding behind visiting the Upcoming Conference. If yo have visited it to establish good relations, then visits early on when the minds of the people are fresh and easy to approach. Once they have had enough o the hustle and bustle, they will start t leave the premises, and it will be harder for you to approach them. If your true intention is to bag all the freebies, then visit the conference eat the end. Generally, there are a lot of the items that are left and could not be distributed. They have to take them back and by giving them a helping hand increases the odds of your getting some extra out of those giveaways.

2017 Technology Conference — what’s New and what’s next?

Business starts with people and so when it comes to good business; networking is one of the main reasons behind any successful business. No wonder conferences are an ideal place to start your networking channel and grow your business. On the other hand, technology is emerging rapidly and it snatched the attraction in many ways. Conferences are no doubt a great place to showcase such tech related topics. Every year many technology conferences are held, where various giant tech companies, researchers, inventors gather and discussions, exchange of ideas and views take place related to recent technology.

This year you might be looking forward to knowing and attend some of the great tech events that are taking place. Well, we will be sharing with you some of the upcoming top tech conferences of 2017 that will be held all over the world. Find your field to explore and create excellent connections in your business.

A Look at what’s New and what’s next, in Tech Conference 2017:

  • HIMMS 17 in Orlando – “Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS)” conference will take place in Orlando from Feb 19-23. It will throw light on the current threats and trends that are acting as a barrier in your business and help you to overcome them for your business to grow. A former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will be present there, which is the key attraction.
  • WT (Wearable Technologies) Conference – If you are interested in wearable technology then this conference is worth visiting. It’s taking place in Sydney and Australia on May 10, 2017 and on July 25-26, 2017, in San Francisco, CA. This conference is about wearable technology that is worn close to the body or on the body and may be even in the body. This conference will be a great place for manufacturers, engineers, data analytics and innovative companies. In this era of half human and half cyborg, this conference is ideal to check about all the latest technologies and its inventions.
  • IBM Inter-Connect in Las Vegas – A popular IBM’s “Inter-Connect” conference will start from March 19 and will continue till 23rd 2017, which will mainly focus on the cloud storage, digital transformation, the internet of things and the cognitive. The cloud has now become one of the essential necessities of the companies. This conference will discuss over such matter.
  • BC TECH Summit – In British Columbia, it is considered to be the largest technology conference exhibiting the industry of growing technology. The conference brings business leaders from various traditional industries, tech entrepreneurs, anchor companies, professionals and investors from government and academic institutes to establish and nurture new ideas. It will be held in Vancouver, BC, from March 14-15 2017. If you want to want your company to be known to many then you should visit this summit to support the local tech community.
  • Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – Any company looking forward to expanding their presence in mobile then “Mobile World Congress” conference is a must for them. It will run from February 27 until March 2, 2017. This place will be great for the meet up where you will get the maximum opportunity of expanding your business from mobile management to sessions including securing the things on Internet and innovations.
  • Speech-Tek – This is related to the new discovery in speech technology like; voice biometrics and security, tuning and analytics, smart speech enabling devices, technologies to understand language and much more. In this conference, one can get to learn about the recent inventions in speech technology, more effective and valuable ways to communicate through speech technology, which can prove to be great for companies to make job life easier. It is taking place in Washington Dc, on April 24-26, 2017. So, if you are interested in speech technology this conference is ideal for that purpose.
  • Collision Conference – This is one of the fastest growing tech conferences in America, created by the team working behind “Web Summit”. Attendees in this conference include CEO’s of both the world’s largest growing companies and world’s fastest growing start-ups. Various investors and media also participate here. It will be held in USA’s New Orleans from May 2-4, 2017.

Participate in these leading technology conferences to nurture your business and exchange new and fresh ideas. Discover all the latest releases and creations in the field of technology by attending these conferences.

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The Ultimate Conference Attendee’s Checklist – Make the Most Out of Your Conference Experience

If any person or individual is planning to waste the company’s money, then attending the conference without knowing its basic needs and preliminaries is the best way what we can call upon. Seriously, that’s like doing marketing without having any idea that why it is being done or its purpose of accomplishment is completely unknown.

While having a high level goal or a specified target is always very beneficial to figure out what to do at the conference and how to achieve the great bang. Even it is noticeable that if anyone attends the conference with a motive in their mind that it sets a complete pivot to change the plan. Sometimes it often happens that before attending the seminar it is being unknown that what needed to be prepared to attend it or having a specific goal.

Let’s learn how to make the conference most out of the experience keeping these key points in mind:

  1. Learner’s conference checklist: The primary goal for each and every attendee in the conference is that they must soak the maximum amount of knowledge possible. Try to be a better oneself and become a very valuable member in his or her team. Try to receive the awareness about the particular industry or topic.

Points to be noted

  • Have a query mind so that answers could be promptly asked.
  • Based on the type of questions, the session of attending the conference can be selected.
  • Session schedule should be added in the calendar.
  • Team work is always given extra preference.
  • Try to at least gather a single point from the individual conferences attending.
  • Active participation is always rewarded and eye catching for all.
  • Make the team members in gathering the helpful notes from the conference which can be very helpful for the future purpose.
  • After the conference separate the wisdom from the action.
  • Share the knowledge among the other team members after the conference is over by putting together them in a blog or a post.
  1. The Networkers Conference Checklist: Conference gathers huge bundles of intellectual people along with high skilled industrial professionals as well as influencers. That’s why happy hours exist in the conferences where intermingling among people helps them to meet up with new ideas and innovative skills. It may occur, that one may not appear with a proper plan while arriving at the time of conference , here presents a checklist that contains number of points below:
  • Before the conference always tries to create a list of people we will like to connect during the conference.
  • Try to make an opportunity to connect with this people previously via the social media or online stuffs.
  • Add meetings to the calendar.
  • Order the business cards and the thank you cards.
  • While during the happy hours, make sure we walk around while connecting with people and move about.
  • Remember to exchange the business cards which are utterly important.
  • Try to take notes or the written form of the speaker who spoke in the conference.
  • After the conference try to follow up with the people whom we met in the conference at least.
  • Write on the email or wiki pages to get the folks in our team whom we met in the conference.
  1. The Content Creators Checklist: Try to cook up wonderful writing after the conference with a topic based on the conference. Keynotes generally provide great take ways and inspiration for external audiences. Conversations are another great spot for content ideas. The checklists include the important blog posts, eBooks, web liners and the slide shares.
  • Before the conference come up with the want to write about or the questions we would like to get answered.
  • Try to gather a team of content minded people to tag upon.
  • Arrange some social media or interviews that can be added to the calendar.
  • While in the happy hours try to break it through starting up with some unique conversation starters.
  • Business cards exchange is very necessary for the purpose they will help to stay connected and even enhance the connection panel for future dealings.
  • Written notes should always be carried after the conference.
  • Follow up with everyone. It puts a great effort for connection.
  • Build up connections internally by writing mail or blog posts.
  1. The Job Seekers Checklist: The conference is the great place to connect with the right people at the right place and at the proper time. If we are searching for a job or activity purpose then the conference will help in making connection in getting jobs and vacancies and jobs related information. Checklist offers important points to be remembered are :
  • Before going to the conference make a social search on event pages, conference hash tags or groups which reveals about the conference related topics.
  • Finding the list of people would like to meet, and then try to fasten the meeting of conference and add it up to the calendar.
  • Pack the business cards it is important.
  • During the conference a proper dress code is always appealing and needed to be maintained.
  • Active participation and enthusiasm is always appreciated and treated well and greeted warmly.
  • Never just stick with the people for the networking purpose only, tries to talk freely with all as much as possible.
  • Exchange business cards for further connections and future dealings.
  • After the conference try to follow up with them and add the folks in the twitter or LinkedIn to leave them a thank note or if any query related stuffs can also be asked.

Picking up with the checklists provided above visit the upcoming conference 2017, and it is very assured that we may find the best out of it and have a couple of goals prior arrival to the conference.

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The 8 Biggest Academic Conference Blunders

It is often seen that writers spend precious money ,not to mention their writing time ,on conference every year but it makes doubly disturbing that so many of us fall in pray to innocent mistakes that can keep us from getting the most out of them.

So here let’s look forward for the 8 biggest academic conference Blunders that usually takes place:

  1. Approaching the agents or the editors in the wrong way: It is often noticed that writers often don’t use their common sense when approaching the editors or agents. Some of the errors it has been found that following the editors to their restroom and requesting for an interview or sometimes even approaching an editor or agent who is busy in talking with some another person. The best time to approach them, when they are not in the session or doing any kind of private conversation with any people. Always it is better to recommend a social setting or after the conference panel or workshop withheld. Ask for their time to meet and gently show them the respect with a polite and kind behavior. Offer the editor or the agent with some coffee or relaxation stuff so that they feel comfortable to talk and feel free also. Offer them a good place so that the conversation goes on without any kind of interruption.
  2. Bad Attitude should be avoided: Never come to the conference in a bad attitude. We have seen that some writer’s feel that the conference is slanted against them. They think others have an access to an inside track that’s closed to them when in reality everyone is treated alike and any related resources are allocated to the first come and first served basis. While undergoing a meeting with an agent for a consult, never expect a complete critique of the work. So it is very important that we need understand that this is the best possible opportunity to present in this academic conference and if the agent fined its interesting then there may be many probable chances where he or she will ask to send more works to be reviewed out of interest.
  3. Forgetting to do the Homework: In some writers we can find that they don’t plan ahead, even though they can’t even match in what is being taught and about the talking’s of the teachers said in the conference. Conferences offer the websites and brochures so the basic information is available well ahead of time. A call to the conference organiser is a very easy way to get the additional information. Failing to Dress for Success, Sometimes writers in short sleeves and sandals without a jacket or a sweater. It includes air conditioning in the hall which results in shivering. Conference attendees should always layer up properly to feel comfortable during the on-going of the seminar.
  4. Overlooking Pitch Session Preparation work: It is very important to find the perfect fit for the agent so that while pitching the fantasy manuscript to an agent who works primarily with literary fiction will not bring a writer any close to publication. Conferences often supply speakers for a reason. Try to read them. Old interviews, broadcasts are available featuring these agents are often readily available online, and agency websites are full of information. Writing a book truly takes dedication and time though while undergoing thorough research. Choosing the right agent or query pitch often requires same consideration. Proper place is very important where the work fits in, as it is very important to look very professional and proper illustration and elaboration makes the presentation quiet interesting and really attractive for the listeners to learn many new things.
  5. Missing opportunities to Network: The biggest blunder for attendees is not planning ahead and bringing networking items like cards, brochures and books to trade and give away. Too often it is found that attendees do not interact with each other and the speakers as much as possible. Writers attend the conference for a wide number of reasons but chief among them reasons include the networking with the editors, agents and fellow writers. Getting a card or a brochure will help to build contacts and supporters for writing purpose.
  6. Play it very safe: Basically we never know whom we can meet up while having a coffee in the corridor. So if we spend the entire time loitering with our friends then we may miss out many interesting conversations and connections. The best strategy is to challenge oneself to sit down for meals alone and meeting up many new people. Even there is ample time to catch up with friends once the event is over.
  7. Failing to follow: A lot of writers fail to follow up with the agents and the editors in a timely manner. Writers should wait and six months after the conference to get back an editors on an idea which is sometimes too long. If something positive feedback is obtained after two weeks then follow up process should be started after the process of conference.
  8. Giving Up Control: There are few writers who always try to make themselves feel better by bragging deliberately diminishing others work. Secondly a little amount of insecure, belittled, envious immediately exactly after the conversation. So better we should be having control over our emotions and every aspect of our work.

So never hurt the chances of excelling in the academic conference, than to take avoid such blunders committed in such academic conferences.

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10 tips you need to know on How to Start Your Own Business in 2017

Technology has gone by far by 2016. People are now more used to do all kinds of transactions and communication through internet. The online payments, online shopping and the social media for communication are making the lives of the people easier. People are now more reliable on online transactions because it has become very much safer and secure than it was before.

There are seven industries, which are forecasted to flourish in 2017. Thus the new startup entrepreneurs should focus on them. They are:-

  1. Real Estate Business: – It is obvious that with the increase in the population there will be a huge requirement of personal houses and office spaces for the new entrepreneurs to startup their business. Though there is an increase in the inflation rate of consumer prices in United States by 1.6% in October 2016, yet there can be stable situation in 2017 and people will want to buy more homes and offices. So business in Real Estate can be a good idea to startup from.
  2. Manpower Business: – Apart from housing, the increase in the startups will require more manpower. Hence there will be a huge explosion in the Manpower Industry along with the housing industry. There will be a big demand for both skilful and unskillful candidates in 2017. Hence it will be huge boost for the entrepreneurs who are on the idea of starting up a business regarding human resources which will help the different industries to find the suitable candidates for the different tasks.
  3. Equipment Supplies: – With the advent of new small-scale as well as large scale industries, which is estimated to be vast in 2017, there will also be a great demand for equipments like machineries, tools, production equipments so that the startups may start and continue with their business effectively and efficiently. Hence you can also opt for an equipment business.
  4. Logistics Services: – The most booming sector of 2016 was the e-commerce sector. Hence it is anticipated that the rate of use of e-commerce by the people will increase even more in 2017. Hence e-commerce and logistics goes hand in hand as the main aspect of the e-commerce sector is logistics. The finished products need to be sent effectively to the end users, for which logistics services suffices the requirement efficiently.


  1. Wholesale Business: – The most important supplies and services are given by our retailers. Be it in urban, or semi-urban or even rural places the role of a retailer sums out to be the most important and efficient role. Thus it is also anticipated that in the year 2017 there will be a gradual increase in the number of retailers in order to meet the expectations of the end customers. This basically indicates that the inventory should be simultaneously high in the year 2017. Thus being an entrepreneur, you can also aspire you dreams by being a part of the retail business.


  1. E-Commerce: – The biggest fishes present in the market today belong to the e-commerce sector. The present growth rate of the e-commerce retail sector will reach to $22.049 trillion in 2016-17 which is up by 6% from the previous year. On the other hand there is a change of pattern of the customers in their shopping behaviors and it is more oriented to online shopping. Hence the e-commerce sector will face a big boost in the year 2017.


  1. Design and Development: – Due to the huge demand of the online shoppers, more and more number of garments and more and more different styles of garments are required. As the customers are all shopping online, they are searching for new and innovative fashion at an affordable price. Hence there is a huge chance for the upcoming fashion designers on the field. Hence if you are starting off with a new startup idea, you can surely go and try your luck into the fashion industry.

Some of the Tips to startup your own Business in 2017:

  • Focus on the Business Plan: – The first thing you need to do before starting of your own business is to focus on your business plan. You must make a detailed study reading:-
  1. The summary of your business.
  2. A detailed description of your company or corporation.
  3. A detailed market analysis of the competitors.
  4. The management structure of your organization.
  5. A detailed and thorough description of the product/services that will be provided by you.
  6. The process of making your business.
  7. The budgetary and financial projections for your business.
  • Fetch and Gather necessary information regarding the source of funds: – This basically deals with the source of loans that should be taken to start your business. You need to be ready with:-
  1. The licenses of business as applicable.
  2. Personal as well as business tax information.
  3. Personal as well as business bank statements.
  4. Income statement and detailed financial projections.


  • Focus on Profitability: – Your main focus while entering the market should be profit centric from the initial days. Hence you need to know and focus on points on how you can build your business to be profitable.
  • Savings Goal: – You must focus on how to save money from your profits, because it might help you to support your business in emergency situations.
  • Evaluate your business process: – You must evaluate your business processes from time to time and make prompt decisions to embrace new technologies to make your business efforts easier.
  • Insurance Policies:– You must have some of the insurance policies related to:-
  1. Personal Liability
  2. Business Property
  3. Worker’s Compensation
  4. Product Liability
  5. Vehicle
  • New Tax Regulations: – You must have a thorough knowledge about the new tax rules and regulations along with its filing dates or even increasing or decreasing rates.
  • Competitive Salary Structure: – You must attract good candidates and workforce by providing the best salary structure present in the market. Thus you need to have a full knowledge about it.
  • Get Tax Deductions: – You must de-clutter unnecessary expenses and save time and money and thus you’ll be able to deduct your taxes.
  • Cash Accounting: – Cash accounting will help you to record your expenses on the time when cash will be paid out to the suppliers, vendors as well as to the third parties irrespective of the expenses incurred.

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10 Tips: How to Ace an Academic Conference

Academic conference can sometimes seems like as overwhelming work at times. Speaking confidently, positively, and preparing an excellent presentation are obviously an invaluable tools. But there are many simple steps which you can utilize to maximize your presentation in the academic conference.

Useful Tips Are As Follows:

  • Select the correct conference
    There will be a huge number of conferences in your general field over a course of a year. Choose which conference is most crucial and relevant out your interest and work in which you are involved by searching conference releases.Firstly, ensure that you satisfy your reason for attending the conference, most of the researchers don’t primarily attend academic conferences to know more about the subject but rather they attend to establish their networks with other people or experts. It might be scary at the first time to talk in front of so many people but once you find that your topic is being cherished by the audience then you have a good chance to get to meet many well-known experts who are attending the conference.
  • Do your homework properly
    Go in correct direction and make yourself confident and positive and attend the events which are linked with the conference events and select which programs and events you would like to go and which program would be benefit you.
    Once you have created a proper schedule, then do the important readings to ensure that you are good enough to effectively participate and contribute in the events and group talk exercises.
  • Ask For Help
    Get help from colleagues such as research collaborators and supervisors, they can easily simplify your task tremendously by making you known to other big delegates and other well-known speakers (sometimes in advance).
    Always encourage the questions which are being asked to you and from your side ask questions which you feel you need to know. It will help you as well as the audience to share each-others ideas, just be clear with your each response and make yourself presentable in front of other people, sometimes from the audience comments become very embarrassing for the presenter who thinks no one lined their papers. But take that embarrassing moment in account and prepare for the next presentation.

As an academic you may probably poor at management and other organization related issues, just stick to the academic things (select special notes and papers and start managing and creating a paper as well as a poster sessions).

  • Get involved in the tasks
    Getting used to the talks with less amount of audiences will boost your opportunities to get new ideas, share ideas. Keep in mind to bring a small notebook just pay attention and write down the important notes and ask questions if you have any doubts.
    Starting one on one conversations with the colleagues can prove a mighty fruitful, making your own presentations will also help but make it short clear and easy to understand by the majority of the audience so that you can attract more and more expert people in your pocket to spread you network.
  • Never underestimate the power of the posters
    Even if You are speaking, just consider making a poster so that it helps in one on one opportunity in the poster sessions which can sometimes present more productive and give you other opportunities than speaking in front of an audience.
  • Prepare your elevator pitch
    As awkward as it sounds, a very interesting summary and accomplishments will make everything for your conference experience. For many shy people an early rehearsed pith will help them to assist with the conference and making that conference memorable.
    Preparation is crucial but not the rehearsal, in reality too much of rehearsal may lose your self-confidence and make you sound dull, just focus on one thing that to be confident while delivering the presentation.
  • Make use of extra-curricular sessions
    In general, conferences includes group activities and meals which are present are great for networking opportunities which will often help to feel less pressure. Smile when you begin, the most important aspect while presenting is you’re smiling cause smiling boosts your voice and it helps to recover you from the faults you’re making while presenting.
    Just remember that the audience is in your corner, it doesn’t want that you fail while presenting. On the whole, your experience will be enjoyable and it would be more enjoyable if you start thinking that everyone there is to help each other to establish.
  • Just be yourself
    Although a festive type of atmosphere accompanies conferences, be very careful when you speak and try to think twice and speak and closely monitor the alcohol intake.
    Whatever you just don’t think that you can take a sector of paper written for a specific journal or from a chapter of a journal of a chapter written for a book and read it out. A paper which are written for academic releases is rarely suitable for anyone to read it aloud. Just keep in mind that keep the ideas in your mind and write them in a piece of paper specifically for the conference. Focus on less dense with shorter sentences and with more signposts for the audiences.
  • Be prepared
    Make it easy and simple for the potential collaborators and the other employers to get in touch with you by having a detailed visiting card (business card) prepared very professionally and get others contact so that you can get further update regarding anything you need to know and if someone doesn’t have any business card then just take your notebook and write their contact detail for further communication.
  • Follow up
    Following the conference, be confident and walk to people and speak to them, just keep in mind that they also used this sort of conferences as an opportunity to establish and create connections with other people and if possible add some of the important information so that they might rethink about what you talked to them.
    A conference’s success is not always dependent on the number of the audience or the people running it. There are multi conferences which are being organized on daily weekly or monthly basis depending on the presentations which are being provided.

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Snapchat and its Importance for Your Conferences

This is an age of social media, an age of the internet. Even a few decades ago, the internet was something used by the military for communication purposes regarding military strategies. After it was made available to the common mass, an evolution was eminent. The seed of the revolution was planted and gradually picking up the pace, we are finally faced with the present age. Among the million aspects that has evolved, one key and most important aspect of social life that has taken a huge step forward is communication. Long gone are the days where communication meant only writing letters and awaiting a reply when we burned with anticipation. The present generation communication has taken a huge step forward.

Social media has become a type of universal society, uniting people from all around the world with just the click of a button. The question being, what is social media and social media websites? Social media is a means of communicating over the internet using different softwares and applications, via a simple visual interface. Through this interface we interact with each other in ways such as talking, video calling, texting or even voice calling. Over time some of these platforms gain a certain degree of recognition based on their user popularity, easiness, reliability, privacy, service availability and cost effectiveness (if any). One such social media based platform used for communication is the Snapchat. It may not be the first suggestion that comes to mind but it has earned its fair share of fan base and popularity. Today we are going to discuss how an application designed for recreation and chatting can also be employed to organise certain social events.

Snapchat has a monthly activity of around 200 million users. The aspect that distinguishes it from other social media platforms is the limited lifetime of the posts, events, and activities that users share on the website. The posts made by the users disappear after they are viewed by the recipient. This limited lifetime period of the posts also make it a perfect place for event marketing.

Getting started with snapchat is very easy. Give your email and other necessary details, and your account is ready. Next will be mentioned a few steps via which you can incorporate Snapchat in event marketing.

  1. Create a specific Snapchat geofilter for your event. Geofilters are actually filters or illustrations that can only be opted during some special events. In order to create your own brand filter, you need to submit a sample illustration to Snapchat services. After a few business days during which it will be reviewed, any photos taken in Snapchat during that particular event the users can apply your custom created filter on their images.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Choose a venue and a span of time your geofiter will remain active. In order to engage a larger audience, try to include buffers on the time and geography.
  • Submit your ideas and illustrations on the snapchat website for evaluations. You may also consult the internet for ideas regarding the design of your geofilter. Try to make it simple and synonymous to the theme of the event. Do a bit of research beforehand.
  • Make sure to submit the illustration 3 to4 days prior the event or the time you want your filter to be active.
  • Rates varies based on the timespan and the size of the geofilter, the base price being $5/ 20,000 square feet.

These pictures are sent to your friends and anyone who views the image will be exposed to your brand. So it is completely natural is you happen to notice these pictures popping up on different other social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as the viewers may have downloaded the image and posted them.

Here are a few pointers while designing the filter:

  • Include the name of your business, provided you have the required rights to do so. However, you cannot use phone numbers, email or even URLs.
  • The geofilters need to be in a PNG format, with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels and must be 300kb or less in size.
  • If you don’t have any prior design experience, you can download some default templates available for download at Snapchat’s official website.
  • An important note: use the top and bottom section of the screen. This will prevent the template from covering the user’s original photo.


  1. The second option is to create the event story on Snapchat itself:

Create an account specifically for the event on snapchat to engage with the users directly. This process allows you to post stories regarding the event and share other representations for the viewers to see.

Here are a few tips that will help you to better showcase your event:

  • Provide a presentation of the preparation of the event, an uncut version of the preparations. Give out a few spoilers. Give rise to a sense of anticipation among them by showing off a glimpse of the sponsors, the venue where the event is going to take place. Release a video of a small interview with the performers as well.
  • If u don’t have exciting photos to share, spice up your collection with the snapchat editor which presents a huge array of tools to choose from and gives that extra edge to your photos.

Don’t get messed up. This types of marketing are supposed to be fun. Don’t get all crooked under a cloud of self-created peer pressure. The basic trick behind boosting a particular event is to remain active. The attendees need to know that the event is lively and in the long run they will be entertained throughout the process. website which catalogues a huge number of recorded events that have already taken place, to the ones that will take place. Both on a national and international scale. Here you can host your event just by clicking on the “add event” icon. Select a venue, arrange your events in a very straightforward and simplistic way. Just a few clicks and phone calls and you’re on your way to organizing your own event. The next step being the publicity of the event with Snapchat.

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All about Conferences and Hashtags

Conference meetings are generally gatherings of a large group of people and even companies, on a certain place where discussions take place on a certain topic. There are various kinds of conferences that take place all the year round. Some are academic conferences while some are formal events where researchers discuss about their researches, present results, does workshop and perform several other activities.

Conferences provide great opportunities to learn facts about one’s own field of study in multiple ways from various experts in a highly professional environment yet in a very friendly and much communicative way. It is an excellent place to meet new people and get inspired by scholars and talented professional individuals. Especially if you are a student or in the preliminary stage of your carer conferences often act as a booster to your career and helps you to feel motivated and reenergised. Taking part in conferences results to be advantageous in several ways, moreover if you are presenting something in any event then it throws a spotlight to your skills, you get observed and noted by professional experts and many companies as well that may open new doors to your career. It also strengthens your CV status when you participate on events. It helps create a great scope for networking.

All the above discussions were about visiting conferences, its importance and benefits. Now let us talk about the recent trend of Hashtags and its importance and what advantage does it holds if included in your events.

Adding Hashtags to your Events:

When you see Hashtags the immediate thing that pops on your mind is about the recent trend that you see everywhere on social medias. Now why these Hashtags? What extra benefit does it give, why people are so much into Hashtags? Even big companies seem to include Hashtags on their posts and blogs.

  • If you want things to get noticed more, then using Hashtags is a great way that will highlight the thing you want to target. If you want to target a specific segment from your event schedules, using Hashtags is a great to make it more noticeable.


  • Hashtags help you to keep a track on the similar other events that is taking place by using names that is common in the both the events. For example if your event is regarding academics then you can use Hashtags writing academic events. This will give you results showing all the topics related to the Hashtags you are looking for. This will let you know about the things other events are presenting and so you can add or omit stuffs accordingly that will help making your event unique.


  • Make your Hashtags simple and short so that it can be easily remembered. Find out from social media sites what people are expecting from particular events and add such relevant Hashtags that will build their interest on the event.


  • Hashtags often act as a marketing medium that helps in spreading your event faster. Most of the individuals these days are into social media and other networking sites where they can easily get a notification of your event by using Hashtags.

A Site that meets all Your Conference Requirements

If you are thinking of organizing an event/conference but just not getting the exact space from where to start, what to start or wondering what are the things you need to organize a conference or you are looking for any conference to take part then you must check into this website “”. This site is all in one where you not only get to know everything related conference.

This site is designed in an organised way where you get to know things segment wise. No matter wherever you are in the world it has a segment where you get to find about conference venue as per the country you are residing in, this helps you attain the nearest conference that is taking near your place. If you are looking for a conference related to a particular it provides conference topic wise as well. This site is a great way to look for events as per your choice.

This site also has a help desk that will provide you with all the required information you are looking for. If you have any queries regarding specific event or any events then you can leave a message on their message box that is located down right corner of the site’s page.

If you are an event organizer then you can also upload all the details of your event on this site. It will organize and perform the post task that will help you to promote your event well. You can also create your own account here to know and stay updated with the all the latest information and happenings about event around you or on the other areas across the globe.

If you are quite a regular visitor of various events around the world then you can also subscribe to their site to get regular alerts of all the upcoming events.

All Conference Alertalso gives you the space to create your own event page and account where people can check in to get all the details and get their registration done if they are interested in your event. This way your event also gets noticed by professional people and companies.

The site has all the details you need to know if you are worrying about how to use it and have an access to this site. So this site has all that one might require, either to participate in any event or to promote their own events.

Apart from this do not forget to include Hashtags on all the three stages during a conference, such as before, during the event and after the event ends. Using Hashtags after the event ends helps you stay in touch with your visitors for your future events. Sharing your event Hashtags on social media is a must. So go to this website, make use of Hashtags and rock your conference show today.