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Upcoming Social Sciences and Humanities Conferences

Mid time of the year and at various part conferences on humanities and social science are taking place. The conferences are held for taking steps towards the betterment of a future. The conferences are aiming to spread knowledge about the versatile and distinctive discussion on this field. The attempt for sustaining resources in energy, its development and to secure human future globally will mainly be the focused area of these conferences.

The new direction in the field of humanities, exploration of traditions in the human culture, and innovative practices that will help setting a new agenda in the near future will also be the theme of these conferences. The new directions on the networks of humanities research and possible chances to improve human surroundings will also be in the discussion area.

List of Social Science & Humanities Conferences:

  • 229th International Conference on Education and Social Science: 16th-17th Aug: The 229th conference on education and social science organized by the ISER is going take place in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

This prestigious event on social science and education is held in the international platform to provide an excellent opportunity for the researchers, academicians, building students, industrial participants, and engineers. It aims in sharing the research findings with the global experts.

  • 233rd International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 17th -18th Aug: Organized by the IASTEM this 233rd international conference will be held at Denver in United States of America.

This Humanities and Social Science Conference, aims in bringing together the industrial experts and the innovative academics, to share their ideas under a common forum.

  • 234th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 19th – 20th AUG: This conference will be held in the United Kingdom at Oxford. This conference is being organized by the IASTEM.

The conference will have industrial experts and creative academics to share and nurture their ideas in the field of humanities and social science.

  • 235th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 21st – 22nd Aug: The 235th ICSSH event is taking place at Czech Republic, Prague.

The conference will be held in the interest to bring the innovative academics and industrial experts together in the field of humanities and social discussion under one roof.

  • 237th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 25th–26th Aug:

This ICCSH 237th conference is being scheduled in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The conference aims to bring together the social expertise and the rising creative academicians studying and researching in the field of social sphere and environment. The conference will have them to share and exchange their ideas for the betterment in this field globally.

  • The 238th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 27th-28th Aug: This is the 238th Social Science and Humanities conference organized by the IASTEM. It will be held a Muscat in Oman. The event will start on 27th Aug and ends on 28th Aug the next day.

This event is organised for exploration in the sphere of humanities and social science and how to make thing better for the future. The conference will have industrial experts and scholars and researchers together sharing and exchanging ideas.

  • The 241st ICSSH: International conference on Social Science and Humanities- 3rd Sept-4th Sept: The 241st ICSSH event is taking place in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is again being organized by the one and only IASTEM. The deadline proposals and abstracts are 27th of Aug.

The industrial specialists and innovative academics will share a common forum in this conference to discuss in this field.

  • 22nd International Conference on Social Science & Humanities: 5th-6th Sept: This ICSSH conference will take place in Bali, Indonesia on 5th of Sept.

The theme of this conference will be evolution and change in mass media, catering technology, tourism and cultural exchange, solutions for the challenges faced in practice and academics, work life balance, and addressing problems occurred due to change in life styles, and several other issues related to human life and social environment.

  • Annual International Conference on Research Ethics in social Sciences and Humanities: 6th – 7th Sept: This annual conference on social science and humanities will be held at Cairo in Egypt. This event is being organized by the African Academy of Research.

The conference will be held to showcase the emerging issues in the field of social sciences globally. Scientists, scholars, and researchers are invited to participate in this event and share their significant ideas and research.

The above list gives all the date and venue of the conferences on social science and humanities that will take part across the globe. Make your registrations and entry now and don’t miss a chance to attend these vital conferences and discussions on this field, which is a serious part of today’s world.


Snapchat and its Importance for Your Conferences

This is an age of social media, an age of the internet. Even a few decades ago, the internet was something used by the military for communication purposes regarding military strategies. After it was made available to the common mass, an evolution was eminent. The seed of the revolution was planted and gradually picking up the pace, we are finally faced with the present age. Among the million aspects that has evolved, one key and most important aspect of social life that has taken a huge step forward is communication. Long gone are the days where communication meant only writing letters and awaiting a reply when we burned with anticipation. The present generation communication has taken a huge step forward.

Social media has become a type of universal society, uniting people from all around the world with just the click of a button. The question being, what is social media and social media websites? Social media is a means of communicating over the internet using different softwares and applications, via a simple visual interface. Through this interface we interact with each other in ways such as talking, video calling, texting or even voice calling. Over time some of these platforms gain a certain degree of recognition based on their user popularity, easiness, reliability, privacy, service availability and cost effectiveness (if any). One such social media based platform used for communication is the Snapchat. It may not be the first suggestion that comes to mind but it has earned its fair share of fan base and popularity. Today we are going to discuss how an application designed for recreation and chatting can also be employed to organise certain social events.

Snapchat has a monthly activity of around 200 million users. The aspect that distinguishes it from other social media platforms is the limited lifetime of the posts, events, and activities that users share on the website. The posts made by the users disappear after they are viewed by the recipient. This limited lifetime period of the posts also make it a perfect place for event marketing.

Getting started with snapchat is very easy. Give your email and other necessary details, and your account is ready. Next will be mentioned a few steps via which you can incorporate Snapchat in event marketing.

  1. Create a specific Snapchat geofilter for your event. Geofilters are actually filters or illustrations that can only be opted during some special events. In order to create your own brand filter, you need to submit a sample illustration to Snapchat services. After a few business days during which it will be reviewed, any photos taken in Snapchat during that particular event the users can apply your custom created filter on their images.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Choose a venue and a span of time your geofiter will remain active. In order to engage a larger audience, try to include buffers on the time and geography.
  • Submit your ideas and illustrations on the snapchat website for evaluations. You may also consult the internet for ideas regarding the design of your geofilter. Try to make it simple and synonymous to the theme of the event. Do a bit of research beforehand.
  • Make sure to submit the illustration 3 to4 days prior the event or the time you want your filter to be active.
  • Rates varies based on the timespan and the size of the geofilter, the base price being $5/ 20,000 square feet.

These pictures are sent to your friends and anyone who views the image will be exposed to your brand. So it is completely natural is you happen to notice these pictures popping up on different other social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as the viewers may have downloaded the image and posted them.

Here are a few pointers while designing the filter:

  • Include the name of your business, provided you have the required rights to do so. However, you cannot use phone numbers, email or even URLs.
  • The geofilters need to be in a PNG format, with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels and must be 300kb or less in size.
  • If you don’t have any prior design experience, you can download some default templates available for download at Snapchat’s official website.
  • An important note: use the top and bottom section of the screen. This will prevent the template from covering the user’s original photo.


  1. The second option is to create the event story on Snapchat itself:

Create an account specifically for the event on snapchat to engage with the users directly. This process allows you to post stories regarding the event and share other representations for the viewers to see.

Here are a few tips that will help you to better showcase your event:

  • Provide a presentation of the preparation of the event, an uncut version of the preparations. Give out a few spoilers. Give rise to a sense of anticipation among them by showing off a glimpse of the sponsors, the venue where the event is going to take place. Release a video of a small interview with the performers as well.
  • If u don’t have exciting photos to share, spice up your collection with the snapchat editor which presents a huge array of tools to choose from and gives that extra edge to your photos.

Don’t get messed up. This types of marketing are supposed to be fun. Don’t get all crooked under a cloud of self-created peer pressure. The basic trick behind boosting a particular event is to remain active. The attendees need to know that the event is lively and in the long run they will be entertained throughout the process. website which catalogues a huge number of recorded events that have already taken place, to the ones that will take place. Both on a national and international scale. Here you can host your event just by clicking on the “add event” icon. Select a venue, arrange your events in a very straightforward and simplistic way. Just a few clicks and phone calls and you’re on your way to organizing your own event. The next step being the publicity of the event with Snapchat.

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