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10 Tips: How to Ace an Academic Conference

Academic conference can sometimes seems like as overwhelming work at times. Speaking confidently, positively, and preparing an excellent presentation are obviously an invaluable tools. But there are many simple steps which you can utilize to maximize your presentation in the academic conference.

Useful Tips Are As Follows:

  • Select the correct conference
    There will be a huge number of conferences in your general field over a course of a year. Choose which conference is most crucial and relevant out your interest and work in which you are involved by searching conference releases.Firstly, ensure that you satisfy your reason for attending the conference, most of the researchers don’t primarily attend academic conferences to know more about the subject but rather they attend to establish their networks with other people or experts. It might be scary at the first time to talk in front of so many people but once you find that your topic is being cherished by the audience then you have a good chance to get to meet many well-known experts who are attending the conference.
  • Do your homework properly
    Go in correct direction and make yourself confident and positive and attend the events which are linked with the conference events and select which programs and events you would like to go and which program would be benefit you.
    Once you have created a proper schedule, then do the important readings to ensure that you are good enough to effectively participate and contribute in the events and group talk exercises.
  • Ask For Help
    Get help from colleagues such as research collaborators and supervisors, they can easily simplify your task tremendously by making you known to other big delegates and other well-known speakers (sometimes in advance).
    Always encourage the questions which are being asked to you and from your side ask questions which you feel you need to know. It will help you as well as the audience to share each-others ideas, just be clear with your each response and make yourself presentable in front of other people, sometimes from the audience comments become very embarrassing for the presenter who thinks no one lined their papers. But take that embarrassing moment in account and prepare for the next presentation.

As an academic you may probably poor at management and other organization related issues, just stick to the academic things (select special notes and papers and start managing and creating a paper as well as a poster sessions).

  • Get involved in the tasks
    Getting used to the talks with less amount of audiences will boost your opportunities to get new ideas, share ideas. Keep in mind to bring a small notebook just pay attention and write down the important notes and ask questions if you have any doubts.
    Starting one on one conversations with the colleagues can prove a mighty fruitful, making your own presentations will also help but make it short clear and easy to understand by the majority of the audience so that you can attract more and more expert people in your pocket to spread you network.
  • Never underestimate the power of the posters
    Even if You are speaking, just consider making a poster so that it helps in one on one opportunity in the poster sessions which can sometimes present more productive and give you other opportunities than speaking in front of an audience.
  • Prepare your elevator pitch
    As awkward as it sounds, a very interesting summary and accomplishments will make everything for your conference experience. For many shy people an early rehearsed pith will help them to assist with the conference and making that conference memorable.
    Preparation is crucial but not the rehearsal, in reality too much of rehearsal may lose your self-confidence and make you sound dull, just focus on one thing that to be confident while delivering the presentation.
  • Make use of extra-curricular sessions
    In general, conferences includes group activities and meals which are present are great for networking opportunities which will often help to feel less pressure. Smile when you begin, the most important aspect while presenting is you’re smiling cause smiling boosts your voice and it helps to recover you from the faults you’re making while presenting.
    Just remember that the audience is in your corner, it doesn’t want that you fail while presenting. On the whole, your experience will be enjoyable and it would be more enjoyable if you start thinking that everyone there is to help each other to establish.
  • Just be yourself
    Although a festive type of atmosphere accompanies conferences, be very careful when you speak and try to think twice and speak and closely monitor the alcohol intake.
    Whatever you just don’t think that you can take a sector of paper written for a specific journal or from a chapter of a journal of a chapter written for a book and read it out. A paper which are written for academic releases is rarely suitable for anyone to read it aloud. Just keep in mind that keep the ideas in your mind and write them in a piece of paper specifically for the conference. Focus on less dense with shorter sentences and with more signposts for the audiences.
  • Be prepared
    Make it easy and simple for the potential collaborators and the other employers to get in touch with you by having a detailed visiting card (business card) prepared very professionally and get others contact so that you can get further update regarding anything you need to know and if someone doesn’t have any business card then just take your notebook and write their contact detail for further communication.
  • Follow up
    Following the conference, be confident and walk to people and speak to them, just keep in mind that they also used this sort of conferences as an opportunity to establish and create connections with other people and if possible add some of the important information so that they might rethink about what you talked to them.
    A conference’s success is not always dependent on the number of the audience or the people running it. There are multi conferences which are being organized on daily weekly or monthly basis depending on the presentations which are being provided.

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