2017 Technology Conference — what’s New and what’s next?

Business starts with people and so when it comes to good business; networking is one of the main reasons behind any successful business. No wonder conferences are an ideal place to start your networking channel and grow your business. On the other hand, technology is emerging rapidly and it snatched the attraction in many ways. Conferences are no doubt a great place to showcase such tech related topics. Every year many technology conferences are held, where various giant tech companies, researchers, inventors gather and discussions, exchange of ideas and views take place related to recent technology.

This year you might be looking forward to knowing and attend some of the great tech events that are taking place. Well, we will be sharing with you some of the upcoming top tech conferences of 2017 that will be held all over the world. Find your field to explore and create excellent connections in your business.

A Look at what’s New and what’s next, in Tech Conference 2017:

  • HIMMS 17 in Orlando – “Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS)” conference will take place in Orlando from Feb 19-23. It will throw light on the current threats and trends that are acting as a barrier in your business and help you to overcome them for your business to grow. A former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will be present there, which is the key attraction.
  • WT (Wearable Technologies) Conference – If you are interested in wearable technology then this conference is worth visiting. It’s taking place in Sydney and Australia on May 10, 2017 and on July 25-26, 2017, in San Francisco, CA. This conference is about wearable technology that is worn close to the body or on the body and may be even in the body. This conference will be a great place for manufacturers, engineers, data analytics and innovative companies. In this era of half human and half cyborg, this conference is ideal to check about all the latest technologies and its inventions.
  • IBM Inter-Connect in Las Vegas – A popular IBM’s “Inter-Connect” conference will start from March 19 and will continue till 23rd 2017, which will mainly focus on the cloud storage, digital transformation, the internet of things and the cognitive. The cloud has now become one of the essential necessities of the companies. This conference will discuss over such matter.
  • BC TECH Summit – In British Columbia, it is considered to be the largest technology conference exhibiting the industry of growing technology. The conference brings business leaders from various traditional industries, tech entrepreneurs, anchor companies, professionals and investors from government and academic institutes to establish and nurture new ideas. It will be held in Vancouver, BC, from March 14-15 2017. If you want to want your company to be known to many then you should visit this summit to support the local tech community.
  • Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – Any company looking forward to expanding their presence in mobile then “Mobile World Congress” conference is a must for them. It will run from February 27 until March 2, 2017. This place will be great for the meet up where you will get the maximum opportunity of expanding your business from mobile management to sessions including securing the things on Internet and innovations.
  • Speech-Tek – This is related to the new discovery in speech technology like; voice biometrics and security, tuning and analytics, smart speech enabling devices, technologies to understand language and much more. In this conference, one can get to learn about the recent inventions in speech technology, more effective and valuable ways to communicate through speech technology, which can prove to be great for companies to make job life easier. It is taking place in Washington Dc, on April 24-26, 2017. So, if you are interested in speech technology this conference is ideal for that purpose.
  • Collision Conference – This is one of the fastest growing tech conferences in America, created by the team working behind “Web Summit”. Attendees in this conference include CEO’s of both the world’s largest growing companies and world’s fastest growing start-ups. Various investors and media also participate here. It will be held in USA’s New Orleans from May 2-4, 2017.

Participate in these leading technology conferences to nurture your business and exchange new and fresh ideas. Discover all the latest releases and creations in the field of technology by attending these conferences.

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The Ultimate Conference Attendee’s Checklist – Make the Most Out of Your Conference Experience

If any person or individual is planning to waste the company’s money, then attending the conference without knowing its basic needs and preliminaries is the best way what we can call upon. Seriously, that’s like doing marketing without having any idea that why it is being done or its purpose of accomplishment is completely unknown.

While having a high level goal or a specified target is always very beneficial to figure out what to do at the conference and how to achieve the great bang. Even it is noticeable that if anyone attends the conference with a motive in their mind that it sets a complete pivot to change the plan. Sometimes it often happens that before attending the seminar it is being unknown that what needed to be prepared to attend it or having a specific goal.

Let’s learn how to make the conference most out of the experience keeping these key points in mind:

  1. Learner’s conference checklist: The primary goal for each and every attendee in the conference is that they must soak the maximum amount of knowledge possible. Try to be a better oneself and become a very valuable member in his or her team. Try to receive the awareness about the particular industry or topic.

Points to be noted

  • Have a query mind so that answers could be promptly asked.
  • Based on the type of questions, the session of attending the conference can be selected.
  • Session schedule should be added in the calendar.
  • Team work is always given extra preference.
  • Try to at least gather a single point from the individual conferences attending.
  • Active participation is always rewarded and eye catching for all.
  • Make the team members in gathering the helpful notes from the conference which can be very helpful for the future purpose.
  • After the conference separate the wisdom from the action.
  • Share the knowledge among the other team members after the conference is over by putting together them in a blog or a post.
  1. The Networkers Conference Checklist: Conference gathers huge bundles of intellectual people along with high skilled industrial professionals as well as influencers. That’s why happy hours exist in the conferences where intermingling among people helps them to meet up with new ideas and innovative skills. It may occur, that one may not appear with a proper plan while arriving at the time of conference , here presents a checklist that contains number of points below:
  • Before the conference always tries to create a list of people we will like to connect during the conference.
  • Try to make an opportunity to connect with this people previously via the social media or online stuffs.
  • Add meetings to the calendar.
  • Order the business cards and the thank you cards.
  • While during the happy hours, make sure we walk around while connecting with people and move about.
  • Remember to exchange the business cards which are utterly important.
  • Try to take notes or the written form of the speaker who spoke in the conference.
  • After the conference try to follow up with the people whom we met in the conference at least.
  • Write on the email or wiki pages to get the folks in our team whom we met in the conference.
  1. The Content Creators Checklist: Try to cook up wonderful writing after the conference with a topic based on the conference. Keynotes generally provide great take ways and inspiration for external audiences. Conversations are another great spot for content ideas. The checklists include the important blog posts, eBooks, web liners and the slide shares.
  • Before the conference come up with the want to write about or the questions we would like to get answered.
  • Try to gather a team of content minded people to tag upon.
  • Arrange some social media or interviews that can be added to the calendar.
  • While in the happy hours try to break it through starting up with some unique conversation starters.
  • Business cards exchange is very necessary for the purpose they will help to stay connected and even enhance the connection panel for future dealings.
  • Written notes should always be carried after the conference.
  • Follow up with everyone. It puts a great effort for connection.
  • Build up connections internally by writing mail or blog posts.
  1. The Job Seekers Checklist: The conference is the great place to connect with the right people at the right place and at the proper time. If we are searching for a job or activity purpose then the conference will help in making connection in getting jobs and vacancies and jobs related information. Checklist offers important points to be remembered are :
  • Before going to the conference make a social search on event pages, conference hash tags or groups which reveals about the conference related topics.
  • Finding the list of people would like to meet, and then try to fasten the meeting of conference and add it up to the calendar.
  • Pack the business cards it is important.
  • During the conference a proper dress code is always appealing and needed to be maintained.
  • Active participation and enthusiasm is always appreciated and treated well and greeted warmly.
  • Never just stick with the people for the networking purpose only, tries to talk freely with all as much as possible.
  • Exchange business cards for further connections and future dealings.
  • After the conference try to follow up with them and add the folks in the twitter or LinkedIn to leave them a thank note or if any query related stuffs can also be asked.

Picking up with the checklists provided above visit the upcoming conference 2017, and it is very assured that we may find the best out of it and have a couple of goals prior arrival to the conference.

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The 8 Biggest Academic Conference Blunders

It is often seen that writers spend precious money ,not to mention their writing time ,on conference every year but it makes doubly disturbing that so many of us fall in pray to innocent mistakes that can keep us from getting the most out of them.

So here let’s look forward for the 8 biggest academic conference Blunders that usually takes place:

  1. Approaching the agents or the editors in the wrong way: It is often noticed that writers often don’t use their common sense when approaching the editors or agents. Some of the errors it has been found that following the editors to their restroom and requesting for an interview or sometimes even approaching an editor or agent who is busy in talking with some another person. The best time to approach them, when they are not in the session or doing any kind of private conversation with any people. Always it is better to recommend a social setting or after the conference panel or workshop withheld. Ask for their time to meet and gently show them the respect with a polite and kind behavior. Offer the editor or the agent with some coffee or relaxation stuff so that they feel comfortable to talk and feel free also. Offer them a good place so that the conversation goes on without any kind of interruption.
  2. Bad Attitude should be avoided: Never come to the conference in a bad attitude. We have seen that some writer’s feel that the conference is slanted against them. They think others have an access to an inside track that’s closed to them when in reality everyone is treated alike and any related resources are allocated to the first come and first served basis. While undergoing a meeting with an agent for a consult, never expect a complete critique of the work. So it is very important that we need understand that this is the best possible opportunity to present in this academic conference and if the agent fined its interesting then there may be many probable chances where he or she will ask to send more works to be reviewed out of interest.
  3. Forgetting to do the Homework: In some writers we can find that they don’t plan ahead, even though they can’t even match in what is being taught and about the talking’s of the teachers said in the conference. Conferences offer the websites and brochures so the basic information is available well ahead of time. A call to the conference organiser is a very easy way to get the additional information. Failing to Dress for Success, Sometimes writers in short sleeves and sandals without a jacket or a sweater. It includes air conditioning in the hall which results in shivering. Conference attendees should always layer up properly to feel comfortable during the on-going of the seminar.
  4. Overlooking Pitch Session Preparation work: It is very important to find the perfect fit for the agent so that while pitching the fantasy manuscript to an agent who works primarily with literary fiction will not bring a writer any close to publication. Conferences often supply speakers for a reason. Try to read them. Old interviews, broadcasts are available featuring these agents are often readily available online, and agency websites are full of information. Writing a book truly takes dedication and time though while undergoing thorough research. Choosing the right agent or query pitch often requires same consideration. Proper place is very important where the work fits in, as it is very important to look very professional and proper illustration and elaboration makes the presentation quiet interesting and really attractive for the listeners to learn many new things.
  5. Missing opportunities to Network: The biggest blunder for attendees is not planning ahead and bringing networking items like cards, brochures and books to trade and give away. Too often it is found that attendees do not interact with each other and the speakers as much as possible. Writers attend the conference for a wide number of reasons but chief among them reasons include the networking with the editors, agents and fellow writers. Getting a card or a brochure will help to build contacts and supporters for writing purpose.
  6. Play it very safe: Basically we never know whom we can meet up while having a coffee in the corridor. So if we spend the entire time loitering with our friends then we may miss out many interesting conversations and connections. The best strategy is to challenge oneself to sit down for meals alone and meeting up many new people. Even there is ample time to catch up with friends once the event is over.
  7. Failing to follow: A lot of writers fail to follow up with the agents and the editors in a timely manner. Writers should wait and six months after the conference to get back an editors on an idea which is sometimes too long. If something positive feedback is obtained after two weeks then follow up process should be started after the process of conference.
  8. Giving Up Control: There are few writers who always try to make themselves feel better by bragging deliberately diminishing others work. Secondly a little amount of insecure, belittled, envious immediately exactly after the conversation. So better we should be having control over our emotions and every aspect of our work.

So never hurt the chances of excelling in the academic conference, than to take avoid such blunders committed in such academic conferences.

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7 Best Practices for Sourcing your Life Sciences Conference 2017

Life Science Conferences are the trend of the society in today’s scenario. As more and more people are looking forward to attend newer sessions of life science conferences in the year 2017, the demands and the expectations are also raising sky high. As a result of that the organizers need to crack their brains to bring about innovative ideas to make the conferences interesting and the topics of conferences interesting for the persons attending them.

There are a few tried and tested methods for sourcing conferences in general and most of them are applicable for life science conferences as well. The life science conference needs some special attention as the topics that are covered are basically pertaining to anything and everything that goes on within us as well as the physical environment around us. The 7 best practices for life science conference are:

  1. Buying open architecture apps: Buying of the most useful architecture app is a very crucial task altogether. IT requires quite a lot of professional expertise as well as a hell hot of meticulous hard work. The whole organizing committee needs to work hand in hand to make the life sciences conference a great success. The management of the app needs to be in the hands of competent people who have a great deal of idea as to how to manage and provide with open-architecture. The quality of integration that the system provides entitle you with is the topic of question. You need to assure that they are the best of the kind. As an organizer you need to make sure that you have the best app for the purpose available at your disposal for the conference and that the best IT professionals involved in your team are taking the best care of it.


  1. Talk to professionals: In order to decide which topic will be most suitable for your life sciences conference in 2017. Basically you need to be sure of the topic of your discussion and that it contains some take home points for the attendees, not to forget the topic has to be innovative and not much discusses before. This will in turn ensure that all your attendees are happy with what they get in the conference. Professional help is best sought out for, for this purpose and if you are lucky enough to have the best people for job then there is no chance of failure.


  1. Give the right job to the right people: In case of a life sciences conference there are a number of thing that needs to be take care of. So as a decision maker of the organizing committee, you need to be very judicious about deciding which job to give to which person. If you keep a pre-defined agenda ready then there is absolutely no need for you to be worked up about this job. On the basis of your agenda you can determine which job to assign to which personnel and likewise make the team, so that the work in well done and within the stipulated amount of time. It is advisable that you plan well in advance to make things fall into place before you have the final day.


  1. Have an Active Tech team: The tech team for organizing a life sciences conference is of vital importance. The activity and the performance of the tech team is the deciding factor as to how much information you will have to give away to the attendees as well as how well you will connect with them. The number of attendees you will be reaching will also be determined on the basis of that. Your promotions, app features and the like will decide how many people get drawn towards your marketing strategies and attend your show on the final day.


  1. The compliance group is important: No matter how small this group is, they can be of immense help in increasing the impact of your conference. The compliance group will be able to decide how savvy your apps and programs are and how powerful they can be in creating their impact on the mass attending the life sciences conference. They can advise and reconcile event data without any penalties. This is a great way to regulate and get the whole process of life sciences conference rolling.


  1. Create a save event app: The event app needs to be safe and secure of the public to use. They need to be simple and easy to use as well. In the app, you need to ensure that the payments to be made for the fees of the conference are secure and the event data has back up and encrypted. All the teams need to be controlled by a common regulatory body and their performance reviewed and audited on a timely basis. All the information provided on the app needs to be authentic and updated regularly so that the attendees or the probable attendees find all the information right at their fingertips.


  1. Gauge the functionality of the app: As a life sciences conference provides the latest and a very sensitive form of information it needs to be provided to all the attendees in a very simple format so that all can use it effectively. As most of us are savvy about using the mobile apps these days, the mobile app for the conference as well should be easy to use. It needs to reach out to the maximum people in a short period of time. The search options and filters need to be convenient for use by one and all.


In case of a life sciences conference, the planning and scheduling of the event or the meeting along with the preparation of the agenda and promotion of the whole event has immense effect. Thus it needs to be decided and organized judiciously depending on their functionality and performance. Plan ahead to make the best of your life sciences conference.

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