Tips to become a MAC Certified Makeup Artist

MAC is a high range cosmetic which is mainly hired by professional makeup artist. It is very uncommon and unusual for MAC to hire a person who is not specialized and skilful as a makeup artist. Bio data or portfolio of the applicant is very necessary especially for the people who want to be a makeup artist in future .As a MAC makeup artist applicant, first he or she should reach the store for the process of interview. Then the process of interrogation will be done based on the flawless makeup done.

Here are few tips to become a MAC Certified Makeup Artist:

  1. Interview Technique – People who are interested in knowing about the MAC makeup skills or Mac make up techniques then they should visit the MAC store MAC department store where they would like to work. Go for the application procedures. Procedure sometimes may vary between stores and department stores. Generally the process of recruitment is done by the store manager for the MAC makeup artist. In a department store applicants may be hired by the department store itself who will be working in the MAC counter. The counter service skills are highly taken into consideration for the applicant, if a person doesn’t not have much professional skills or experience of applying the makeup.

There may be several applicants however, where counter service skills and the technique of applying cosmetics are missing but can also be hired due to correspondence course performed. There are several considerations made for the placement of the position too. People or professionals who have high skills or strong technicalities with good customer service skills are more prone to get hired in the interview or the examination tests.

  1. Create or detailing of the Resume: – There are some counter positions that are advertised requires a resume. While creating the resume or polishing up the existing one, any previous makeup artist experience, and cosmetology courses and certificates of the courses should be highlighted. Customer service skills should be heighted in the resume and the previous experience should be mentioned well in a detailed account. People without the professional makeup artist skills and degree certificates should at least make a try to take courses in the college or beauty school to learn the basic or advanced makeup application techniques. A makeup artist certificate may act as a dead weapon to grab the job and crack the interview.
  2. Practise Makeup Application: – For the purpose of application of the makeup, the applicant should demonstrate their skills of artistry. Practice including applying of makeup on the friends, family and anyone who is willing to grant the makeover. Be experienced with applying of makeup on people with different skin colour light, fair, rich or deep. Applicants should know how to rectify the flaws in the face and create different looks in the MAC style.
  3. Create a Portfolio: It’s not all but few MAC stores and counters will ask for a portfolio. If that is the case then professional photographs will be needed. Try to advertise and socialise photographer at local colleges and universities or if the budget is high then hiring of the professional photographer who is accustomed to shooting fashion photography. Of the two choices the latter is the best and is the most inexpensive. It is also not unusual to be asked to bring a pen drive or a video tape for demonstrating the makeup application. Again the store managers may have the following varying application facilities.
  4. On site Demonstration: During the process of interview, it is likely needed that applicants will be asked to demonstrate the process of application of makeup. It may be sometimes necessary to demonstrate on a friend or a person that the MAC representative has arranged to participate in the demonstration. Sometimes applicants are being interrogated to create different looks of the same person within a given period of time.
  5. Applicants Look: The makeup should be blended well and should be applied uniformly. There should not be any lining of the makeup applied and the eyes should be phenomenal. Applicants who can remove the crease should be rewarded and awarded. The way of clothing and dressing should be stylish and be very formal. It should be at least an hour for the makeover so need to dress with it keeping in mind.
  6. More Details about the Interview: Definitely read properly and thoroughly to read the answers of the questions regarding the MAC philosophy and according matching with the beauty philosophy. Since MAC offers training classes for its employees, sometimes it becomes beneficial to indicate the willingness to constantly learn about the new makeup styles and techniques.

Reasons to Use Armband Lights for Runners

Runners have a passion for running and so they are often into practicing almost all day long starting from early morning when the Sun just sneaks out of the sky to when it goes down in the evening. A statistics figure says that runners often get killed or massively injured due to this running habit during evening or during early morning. They often get hit by cars due to invisibility as light is very dim during these hours of the day. Morning roads are often covered in fog and evening roads are pretty darker which makes it quite impossible for the drivers to watch out for pedestrians or runner through naked eye. Thus safety is necessary in order to avoid such life threatening accidents from happening.

Why Runners Should Use Armband Lights:

Technology has always been a friend and helping hand for human beings if we take the argument in the positive sense. It has created stuff to help and save people’s life in various ways. Lately Safety Armband Lights have been one of those vital creations for the runners and pedestrians, etc. What armband lights do and why one should wear it when out for walk or a run. Read below to know why it is so important.

  • It makes the runner easily visible: The armband lights are absolutely user friendly having reflective printing and some extra safety features. This makes the runner or pedestrians hard to avoid from the eyes of the drivers while you are on road. The lights also splash to draw attention. The red and white sporadic flash lights are simply hard to miss. They are even visible during windy weather and also through thick clothing. So it provides ultra-safety to the runners during night time or early morning.
  • It consists of several colours for safety alerts: The armbands come in battery powered bright dark coloured lights. The LED lights possess an ultra-high viz glow that is easily visible in the dark. It’s hard to avoid these armband lights, which is good for your safety. They come in different dark colours with a 360 degree visibility that makes it visible from any angle when you are running.
  • Multiple flashing modes to assure visibility: The armband lights are worn on the wrists and are made in such way with multicolour LED illuminating lights to catch extra attention of the distracted drivers. The LED light puts almost 300 lumens of bright lights to light up the path. The brightness surely cannot escape one’s vision.
  • Catches quick attention: The armbands are extremely comfortable to wear, adjustable to boot and durable. Some armband lights even come with siren mode attached to it which is no doubt a very good option to catch fast attention during emergency time when you are on road.
  • Reduces life threatening accidents: You may be wearing a fluorescent colour t-shirt thinking it will make you visible but that’s not enough. Wearing armband lights save you from uninvited accidents while you are walking or running on the road. Wearing head lamps or reflective can be of little help and it may catch attention of few drivers not all. So, wearing armband light will reduce risk and save you from accidents. Armband lights are more visible compared to other safety alerts.
  • Makes run more fun: The armband light comes in different style that will love to wear them. They look pretty cool on your wrists. This safety armband lights are a great value for money. Moreover it is compatible with many devices. So, you can easily operate and track through different smart devices of yours.

These are the main reasons behind wearing armband lights. Besides prevention is better than cure as we all know, so taking precautions come first. The armband lights illuminate the person while on road that easily catches attention and save runners from getting hit by vehicles. Thus, if you value your life use armband lights to keep you safe when running on roads. There are several armband lights now available in the market and they won’t weigh you down. They are light weight and easily wearable and at the same doesn’t compromise in styling. Take your pick and save your life from risking and getting killed.

Best Flyer Printing and Distribution Services in Santa Monica

A “Flyer” is a kind of advertisement that is made on paper, which is purposed for wide distribution to the public places and also distributed by handing out to individuals. They are even sent through mails. It is also commonly known as “pamphlet”, “handbill”, catalogue or leaflet, weekly ad. Flyers are mainly used for business purposes, non-profit organizations, and others. It is used to promote any information or event.

If you want to enhance your business or looking forward to promote any events then flyer is one of the best options to spread information to as many people as possible. But you require a good flyer printing in that case. Advertisements work well when things are printed nicely and neatly. Often it is seen that the main format that is designed to be printed comes out totally different. This makes your work process lengthy as well as creates unnecessary burden. The promotion also gets delayed as you have to reprint the whole thing. This no doubt is a tiring job. So to avoid such hassle you may look for something that will make the process easier.

There are many printing services that are available but if you want the best service for your flyer then read below to know in details.

Santa Monica-Quality Digital Printing Service:

If you are looking for a flyer printing services then check out the superfast quality digital printing services by the clients of Santa Monica. If you stay in Santa Monica then it’s a bonus advantage for you or even in other parts of United States and looking for a trustworthy printing service then this place is the best.

What do they offer?

  • The superfast copying and binding in Santa Monica provides the best services. The name itself comes with trust approved. They are popular for high quality binding. They are highly reliable.
  • They serve almost anything such as; binding and super quick copying of high quality post banners, book publishing, displays of trade shows, and other types of digital binding and printing that too at a fair amount of money.
  • They also provide blue printing and architectural drawing. Apart from this black and white binding and copying, book binding, printing of coloured copies, and also book publishing.

They are experienced over 26 years with proven and tested trial method in bringing the excellence in work and it’s highly reliable to provide the customers with quality work in a fast and systemic manner. Their clean work process had led them to a good reputation in the sphere of business companies, film and advertisement companies, manufacturing industries, corporate companies, and entertainment agencies. Any form or business organization that are need of high quality digital flyer printing services this is the best place to get the work done.

Background: It is an operated family owned company who are committed in delivering quality results in terms of work and services. They claim to provide the best quality printing and binding and claim a fair price worth the work. They do not charge any over the top prices.

Service: They take every project seriously and interrogate nicely with the clients to know exactly what the client is looking in their project and try their best to convey the most desired work. From starting level of the work till it’s delivered they provide high service performance and finishes work in time. They bind, tailor, and do printing that exactly meets your requirement.

This superfast binding, printing, and copying in Santa Monica CA is a one stop solution for you for almost all kinds of printing purposes. They are known to deliver with high end quick flyer printing and copying services. In times of urgency you can strongly trust with assurance of quality printing job. Flourish your business and important with the superfast copying and binding company of Santa Monica CA without any second opinion and raise your standards collaborating with them.

For any further details and query contact the Santa Monica CA. They are always happy to help their clients in every possible way. You can either mail them or contact via phone, both ways they are available. While mailing leave your message, what work and printing you need tell them in details and wait for their response to proceed further.

Upcoming Social Sciences and Humanities Conferences

Mid time of the year and at various part conferences on humanities and social science are taking place. The conferences are held for taking steps towards the betterment of a future. The conferences are aiming to spread knowledge about the versatile and distinctive discussion on this field. The attempt for sustaining resources in energy, its development and to secure human future globally will mainly be the focused area of these conferences.

The new direction in the field of humanities, exploration of traditions in the human culture, and innovative practices that will help setting a new agenda in the near future will also be the theme of these conferences. The new directions on the networks of humanities research and possible chances to improve human surroundings will also be in the discussion area.

List of Social Science & Humanities Conferences:

  • 229th International Conference on Education and Social Science: 16th-17th Aug: The 229th conference on education and social science organized by the ISER is going take place in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

This prestigious event on social science and education is held in the international platform to provide an excellent opportunity for the researchers, academicians, building students, industrial participants, and engineers. It aims in sharing the research findings with the global experts.

  • 233rd International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 17th -18th Aug: Organized by the IASTEM this 233rd international conference will be held at Denver in United States of America.

This Humanities and Social Science Conference, aims in bringing together the industrial experts and the innovative academics, to share their ideas under a common forum.

  • 234th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 19th – 20th AUG: This conference will be held in the United Kingdom at Oxford. This conference is being organized by the IASTEM.

The conference will have industrial experts and creative academics to share and nurture their ideas in the field of humanities and social science.

  • 235th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 21st – 22nd Aug: The 235th ICSSH event is taking place at Czech Republic, Prague.

The conference will be held in the interest to bring the innovative academics and industrial experts together in the field of humanities and social discussion under one roof.

  • 237th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 25th–26th Aug:

This ICCSH 237th conference is being scheduled in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The conference aims to bring together the social expertise and the rising creative academicians studying and researching in the field of social sphere and environment. The conference will have them to share and exchange their ideas for the betterment in this field globally.

  • The 238th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH): 27th-28th Aug: This is the 238th Social Science and Humanities conference organized by the IASTEM. It will be held a Muscat in Oman. The event will start on 27th Aug and ends on 28th Aug the next day.

This event is organised for exploration in the sphere of humanities and social science and how to make thing better for the future. The conference will have industrial experts and scholars and researchers together sharing and exchanging ideas.

  • The 241st ICSSH: International conference on Social Science and Humanities- 3rd Sept-4th Sept: The 241st ICSSH event is taking place in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is again being organized by the one and only IASTEM. The deadline proposals and abstracts are 27th of Aug.

The industrial specialists and innovative academics will share a common forum in this conference to discuss in this field.

  • 22nd International Conference on Social Science & Humanities: 5th-6th Sept: This ICSSH conference will take place in Bali, Indonesia on 5th of Sept.

The theme of this conference will be evolution and change in mass media, catering technology, tourism and cultural exchange, solutions for the challenges faced in practice and academics, work life balance, and addressing problems occurred due to change in life styles, and several other issues related to human life and social environment.

  • Annual International Conference on Research Ethics in social Sciences and Humanities: 6th – 7th Sept: This annual conference on social science and humanities will be held at Cairo in Egypt. This event is being organized by the African Academy of Research.

The conference will be held to showcase the emerging issues in the field of social sciences globally. Scientists, scholars, and researchers are invited to participate in this event and share their significant ideas and research.

The above list gives all the date and venue of the conferences on social science and humanities that will take part across the globe. Make your registrations and entry now and don’t miss a chance to attend these vital conferences and discussions on this field, which is a serious part of today’s world.

How important is GitHub for Web Developers?

According to the official GitHub website, “We’re supporting a community where more than 19 million people learn, share, and work together to build software.” The statistics posted on various websites depict that over 49 millions projects are hosted publicly on GitHub. Likewise, the online version control repository has over 10 million active users and 32 million monthly visitors.

A large percentage of web developers also visit GitHub on a regular basis to take advantage of robust code sharing and publishing services. Like other code sharing platforms, GitHub is also designed with a web-based graphical user interface (GUI). But it also provides a number of features that help developers to build websites and web applications rapidly.

Features that Make Many Web Developers Visit GitHub Regularly

Code Repository

At present, GitHub is the largest online hub or repository of online projects. Each project hosted on Github has its own or repository. All files related to a project are stored in its centralized repo. Hence, the developers can access all files related to a project by accessing its repo through a unique URL. The individual file repository and flexible access encourage many programmers to download web development frameworks and tools from Github instead of their official websites.

Version Control

The term Git in GitHub refers to a version control system. The version system control enables store all their projects in a centralized location, and share the projects with likeminded contributions. But GitHub scores over other version control systems in the category of storing file changes and maintaining file integrity. The feature makes it easier for programmers to contribute towards improving an existing project, while clearly tracking and showing their contributions. Many web developers take advantage of this feature to contribute towards improving web development tools and services.

Forking Repos

In addition to making changes existing open source projects, many web developers even explore ways to create a new version of the project with new features and functionality. GitHub enables web developers to fork the existing projects without any restrictions. The users can download all files related to a specific project from GitHub, and release a new version of the project as a new repo. They can further make the new version of the project available to other users instantaneously. They even have option to revise and update their own version of the project on a regular basis.

Pull Requests

When a web developer updates a revised version of the project with new features and enhancements, he explores ways to get his work integrated with the official project or code repository. GitHub enables developers to integrate the revised version of a project into the official project by creating pull request. A developer can simply create a pull request to communicate with the project’s maintainers and request them to integrate his work into the original project. However, the maintainers of the project are free to decide about integrating the original and revised versions of the project.

Change Logs

A large number of web developers nowadays prefer open source web development tools and services to commercial technologies. Likewise, many developers also contribute towards improving and enhancing the open source web development tools and services. Hence, each project on Github is modified and revised by a large number of users on a regular basis. But GitHub is designed with features to track the changes and revision made by each user precisely. Hence, the web developers can make changes to any existing tool or service without keeping track of the work done by others. Many web developers take advantage of the revision tracking option to contribute towards improving/enhancing an open source project while taking credit for their work.

Social Networking Features

Github is further designed with features to act like a robust social networking platform for web developers. The smart web developers use their personal GitHub profiles as a powerful tool to interact with other users and impress prospective employers/clients. They further take advantage of the pull request feature to highlight their past work and contribution towards advanced/popular projects. The social networking feature of GitHub contributes immensely towards building the largest open source community in the world.

Education Program

GitHub is hugely popular among both skilled web application developers and beginners. The students and beginners take advantage of GitHub Student Developer Pack to access wide range of web development tools and services. They further refer to the Wiki section of individual web development tools and services to learn various aspects the technologies. The education launched by GitHub makes it easier for beginners to learn and use widely used web development tools and services.

On the whole, a large percentage of web developers visit GitHub on a regular basis to download a variety of web application development frameworks and tools. Further, they avail simplify web application development by referring to the Wikis and project management tools provided by GitHub. Hence, both skilled web developers and beginners visit the online code sharing platform frequently to avail the tools required to automate common web development and testing tasks.