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List of Dos and Don’ts for Smoky Eye Makeup for Wedding

When it comes to eye makeup, there are may be only a few which can beat the timeless classic of a smoky eye. It is bold and beautiful and can be done in a jiffy and looks good with almost all kinds of occasions.

When there is a wedding on the card, you need to have a host of styles up your sleeves which will cover all the events included in the process. Smoky eyes are one of the styles which goes with both the day time functions and the night ones.

Here are some do’s and don’ts which you would like to keep in mind while trying out the smoky eye at a wedding.


  1. When you are going for smoky eyes, after you have prepped you face with the base, start up with your eyes and then move to the rest of your face. Smoky eyes deal with a lot of dark colors and this sequence will prevent spillage of dark shadows and mascara smudges.
  2. In order to prevent the creases that appears from wearing eye shadows for a long time, wear an eye shadow primer. This also helps in smoothening the eyes and allows the shadows to stay on for a longer period of time.
  3. Since smoky eyes are all about dark colors, it may sometimes make your eyes appear smaller than they are. In order to prevent this try using a highlighter or white eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye which makes your eyes pop.
  4. The best way to hold the whole smoky look together is to use a liner. You can either choose a simple look with the help of an eye crayon or go for more dramatic looks with gel liners.


  1. Smoky eyes are usually the star of the whole look you are trying to pull off. Any other makeup that you are pairing up with smoky eyes should be subtle and a complement to your eyes. Avoid using bright lip colors with smoky eyes else you will end up looking like someone from a horror movie. Go for a slight blush and nude lips with your smoky eyes.
  2. One of the worst mistakes that you can make while trying out smoky eyes are to not blend the colors properly. The demarcation lines between the various colors used for creating the look should not be visible at any cost. Keep on blending the colors and when you think that it is done properly, blend some more just to be on the safe side of matter. Improper blending can give you panda eyes.
  3. Don’t just stick to black when you are creating smoky eyes. Too much of black can provide you with odd looking panda eyes which you wouldn’t want during a wedding. Try creating smoky eyes with warmer colors like browns and champagne and gold which looks equally beautiful but will be a tad bit different than the usual smoky eyes.
  4. This is just not for smoky eyes but holds true for any eye makeup artist that you try, brows are which makes or breaks the whole look. So, don’t forget to shape your brows with the help of a brow pencil to bring out the boldness of the look. if you have thin brows, you can also use some brow shadows to bring out a fuller look.

Now that you are aware of the things you need to do and avoid in a smoky eyes makeup, go ahead and experiment with your look and make sure to bring along your confidence to rock the wedding season.

Jessica’s Tips for Perfect Deep Conditioning

One of the most important as well as attractive parts of our looks is beautiful healthy shiny hair. But taking care of your hair and achieving the hair goals requires proper maintenance. You need to take into account a lot of things for that and it’s not an easy duty to get that desired hair you crave for.

With time things changed and so did hair styling but maintaining and balancing a healthy hair routine can never change as it is the foundation of all. With time only procedure and techniques change but not the basic need.

To get the perfect hair style have you ever wondered how much stress and torture your hair goes through in order to get you the exact styling you desire? The various chemicals that you use, hair spray, blow dry, etc. all these slowly start damaging the texture of your hair.

The main mantra for a healthy and glossy hair is keeping both your scalp and hair clean from root to tip. Apart from washing the hair the key part of a shiny hair is deep conditioning that should be done atleast twice a month. Generally conditioner is used after rinsing your hair on wet hair. When your hair and scalp is wet the hair cuticles expands and open up. This time it soaks all the necessary ingredients that are food for the hair. To let your hair soak all the important substances wrap your hair with a plastic shower cap after applying moisturizer based conditioner. The wrapping of the cap allows deep penetration of the products. This leaves your hair softer, shinier, and smoother than before.

Needless to say the amount of product to be used and procedure depends on the hair quality. If your hair is already too much damaged due to colouring or lack of proper care then you need to invest some extra time for some extra care.

Check out below Jessica’s tips for gaining a shinier healthier hair by deep conditioning.

Hair Care Tips on Deep Conditioning by Jessica:

  • First, comb your hair nicely to clear all the tangles and knots on your hair. Then part your hair in four different sections and clip them with big hair clipping clamps to secure each section. This helps you to work easily on your hair without messing it up.
  • Secondly, on the wet hair apply conditioner using your finger tips covering from mid part of the hair to the extreme tips. Start coating the strands this way. Then using a “detangle hair brush” comb your hair gently to spread the conditioner thoroughly. First start brushing with the bottom part then gradually move up toward the roots of the hair. This causes fewer tangles.
  • Thirdly, after the above two steps take each of the detangled section and twist them by applying the double strand twisting method. This will lead atleast big 8 twist in your hair.
  • Lastly, cover your hair with a shower cap to create a closed effect on your scalp. This helps locking up the essential moisturizer and oil inside your hair follicles as well as your hair. Now apply heat from over the cap to help soak the moisturizer quickly and also to maximum amount.

A quick helpful tip here; once the conditioning process is over use your soft used t-shirt or any soft cloth to dry your hair rather than thick towel. That’s all about the deep conditioning treatment to make your hair look healthy and happy. If you think you are going through massive damage and cannot handle this process home then visit the “posh hair salon”. They provide various hair cure treatments as well deep conditioning. Get in touch with hair experts in the salon for best results.

Tips to become a MAC Certified Makeup Artist

MAC is a high range cosmetic which is mainly hired by professional makeup artist. It is very uncommon and unusual for MAC to hire a person who is not specialized and skilful as a makeup artist. Bio data or portfolio of the applicant is very necessary especially for the people who want to be a makeup artist in future .As a MAC makeup artist applicant, first he or she should reach the store for the process of interview. Then the process of interrogation will be done based on the flawless makeup done.

Here are few tips to become a MAC Certified Makeup Artist:

  1. Interview Technique – People who are interested in knowing about the MAC makeup skills or Mac make up techniques then they should visit the MAC store MAC department store where they would like to work. Go for the application procedures. Procedure sometimes may vary between stores and department stores. Generally the process of recruitment is done by the store manager for the MAC makeup artist. In a department store applicants may be hired by the department store itself who will be working in the MAC counter. The counter service skills are highly taken into consideration for the applicant, if a person doesn’t not have much professional skills or experience of applying the makeup.

There may be several applicants however, where counter service skills and the technique of applying cosmetics are missing but can also be hired due to correspondence course performed. There are several considerations made for the placement of the position too. People or professionals who have high skills or strong technicalities with good customer service skills are more prone to get hired in the interview or the examination tests.

  1. Create or detailing of the Resume: – There are some counter positions that are advertised requires a resume. While creating the resume or polishing up the existing one, any previous makeup artist experience, and cosmetology courses and certificates of the courses should be highlighted. Customer service skills should be heighted in the resume and the previous experience should be mentioned well in a detailed account. People without the professional makeup artist skills and degree certificates should at least make a try to take courses in the college or beauty school to learn the basic or advanced makeup application techniques. A makeup artist certificate may act as a dead weapon to grab the job and crack the interview.
  2. Practise Makeup Application: – For the purpose of application of the makeup, the applicant should demonstrate their skills of artistry. Practice including applying of makeup on the friends, family and anyone who is willing to grant the makeover. Be experienced with applying of makeup on people with different skin colour light, fair, rich or deep. Applicants should know how to rectify the flaws in the face and create different looks in the MAC style.
  3. Create a Portfolio: It’s not all but few MAC stores and counters will ask for a portfolio. If that is the case then professional photographs will be needed. Try to advertise and socialise photographer at local colleges and universities or if the budget is high then hiring of the professional photographer who is accustomed to shooting fashion photography. Of the two choices the latter is the best and is the most inexpensive. It is also not unusual to be asked to bring a pen drive or a video tape for demonstrating the makeup application. Again the store managers may have the following varying application facilities.
  4. On site Demonstration: During the process of interview, it is likely needed that applicants will be asked to demonstrate the process of application of makeup. It may be sometimes necessary to demonstrate on a friend or a person that the MAC representative has arranged to participate in the demonstration. Sometimes applicants are being interrogated to create different looks of the same person within a given period of time.
  5. Applicants Look: The makeup should be blended well and should be applied uniformly. There should not be any lining of the makeup applied and the eyes should be phenomenal. Applicants who can remove the crease should be rewarded and awarded. The way of clothing and dressing should be stylish and be very formal. It should be at least an hour for the makeover so need to dress with it keeping in mind.
  6. More Details about the Interview: Definitely read properly and thoroughly to read the answers of the questions regarding the MAC philosophy and according matching with the beauty philosophy. Since MAC offers training classes for its employees, sometimes it becomes beneficial to indicate the willingness to constantly learn about the new makeup styles and techniques.