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10 Tips To Remodel Utility Room

A utility room is arguably the toughest working spot in your home. As this room is used only for stacking up household items, no work is done to make it look pretty.

But with little efforts, you can bring order in this chaos and make the most of your utility room.

These 10 tips offer ideas for remodeling your utility room.

1. Add Functionality to style

Utility rooms are all about functionality. The sink should be deeper allowing cleaning of muddy boots and clothes. Ceiling spots create a spacious feel while the tiled floor offers a touch of elegance and are easy to clean.

2. Use ceiling space

The ceiling of utility room should be high so that the added space can be utilized for a number of reasons.

Hanging clothes rack can be fitted to use this space to dry clothes.

3. Play with details

The utility room is to keep your household items. It isn’t a place where you will bring your guests or even spend your own leisure time.

So, why hold your creativity back? Use this room to play with color combinations, wall signs and check out how your choice fares. You can experiment liberally in this room as there is nothing to lose.

4. Try darker shades

The general trend is to use light-colored cabinets so that utility room breathes freshness. But there is no harm in having cabinets with a darker shade. In fact, colors like navy blue offer a modern look and give the satisfaction of trying something quirky.

5. Bring the best of open and closed cabinets

Utility rooms are ideal for hiding unused appliances and other ugly products lying in your home. You can stack them in closed cabinets but what about sundry items in your home that look pretty and gorgeous. These items like vases and ceramics can be lined up on open shelves to uplift aesthetic appeal of the utility room.

6. Have clear demarcation

If you don’t have the space to create an independent utility room, you can spare some area in the kitchen and convert it into utility space.

But when you are doing so, ensure that you make clear markings of zones. Panels and paints are effective tools for defining the zones.

7. Exploit potential of rails and racks

If you cannot push the ceiling of utility room higher and have to stay content with compact space then a normal rack is your ideal savior.

You can wall-mount a frame and use it to dry clothes or can try heated options for drying clothes quickly.

8. Do proper planning

Plan your storage to ensure that you make use of every part of the utility room. For taller and heavier items such as a mop and vacuum cleaner, allocate some additional space in your cabinets.

You can approach cabinet makers to create custom-made cabinets that meet your evolving storage demands.

9. Seek professional help

If you are looking to make the most of your utility room then feel free to get professional help. Professional homemakers have ample experience and expertise so they can help you in a great way in making your utility room.

Advantage Home Contracting is a reliable name in this sector and you can contact them to know how their services can benefit your home.

10. Do not forget to have some hooks

You never know when you will run out of space in your utility room. Hence it is advisable to plan for it beforehand.

A simple accessory such as a peg rail works wonders and offers additional space when required. Peg rails come in handy to hang towels, aprons, shoes, and napkins. You can even use the hooks to air items once they are ironed.

7 Simple Tricks to Create A Perfect Accent Wall

Accent walls enable you to differentiate the design of a wall from the design of other walls in the same room. While creating an accent wall, you have option to choose from many colors, materials, and surfaces. Likewise, you can also experiment with various wallpapers to personalize the room and make the wall sport a chick style. It is also a good idea to consider some simple ideas to make the accent wall appealing and eye-catchy.

Ideas to Make the Accent Wall More Impressive and Appealing

1) Use Contrasting Colors

The simplest way to create an accent wall is paint the wall with a distinct color. The paint will differential the wall from other walls. You have option to experiment with a variety of colors. Based on your preference, you can paint the wall with bright, deep, or mid-tone accent colors.

2) Hang Stylish Wallpapers

You can accent a wall quickly by hanging stylish wallpapers. The wallpaper will make the accent wall standout and look trendy. You even have option to choose the wallpaper according to your personal choice and preference.

3) Try Out Multi-size Pictures Frames

You can easily make a wall look different from other walls by hanging pictures. Based on the length and width of the wall, you can hang either a large picture or multiple small pictures. It is also a great idea to create a collage of photos to depict important events and milestones in your life. Otherwise, you can also consider hanging a piece of art, canvas painting, or framed inspirational quotes.

4) Install Built-in Shelves

The built-in shelves help you to enhance utility and aesthetic appeal of the wall at a time. You can install the custom shelves after applying the wall. You can fill the shelves with books, framed photos, or decorative items to transform the wall and room together.

5) Cover the Wall in Wood

You can make the accent wall distinct by covering it in wood. You can cover the wall in wood in a number of ways. For instance, you can make the accent wall look natural by covering it with reclaimed scrap wood. Also, you can make the accent wall look different by installing vinyl wall coverings that look just like wood.

6) Use Wainscoting

Most homeowners use wainscoting to cover a wall partially. But you can accent the wall by covering it with wainscoting. The wainscoting will add extra texture to the wall and make it standout. You also have option to make the wall more appealing by wainscoting it with a gorgeous color.

7) Accent the Right Wall

It is always important to accent the right wall. You can always consider accenting a wall that does not have any architectural features. Likewise, you can also consider accenting a wall of windows. The right wall will complement the accent wall ideas perfectly, while making the room appear distinct.

You can also accent the wall by availing professional services. The service provides will deploy skilled handymen and robust tools to accent the wall creatively and quickly. You can even ask the service provider to implement your own accent wall ideas.

House Remodeling Tips: Simple Roller Blinds

A tidy subtle look of an interior whilst you enter the house automatically catches our eyes without any effort. A cool interior outlook not only creates a good vibe to the surrounding but also makes very appealing for staying, and thus comes the saying; “home is where our heart is”.

Talking about house comes one of the important parts-windows that play a vital role in aerial balance of the house and also light from the nature. But it seen and almost faced by everyone that too much sunlight often damages the inner materials of the architecture. Besides talking about privacy you just cannot leave your windows wide open all the time. Here comes the question of guarding your windows and if curtains have bored you or if you are thinking of remodeling your living areas then Roller Blinds are a great option.

What are Roller Blinds? Roller blinds are a rectangular huge piece of fabric material that are attached to a metal tube or wooden dowel and are secured between two brackets. They can be rolled up and down without any slats. The spring mechanism or a chain pulley technique helps the fabric in rolling up and down.

If you are looking for a modern outlook of your house then you must go for roller blinds. They not only enhance the look of your interior decoration, but also take care of your privacy well enough.

There are various other blinds available in the market but roller blinds have few advantages over them. Other blinds seem to minimize the daylight but a roller blind does just the opposite. Roller blind rolls up so very neat that they hardly cover up any part of the window.

Follow below to get some useful tips to give a retouch to your house decorations by using simple roller blinds and create a sleek tidy look.

Few Useful House Remodeling Tips Using Roller Blinds:

  • No Compromise with Daylights whilst Thinking of Privacy: There has always been a contradiction when it comes to covering your window for privacy purpose that blocks the daylight from coming in. Choosing roller blinds can simply solve your problem. The sheer material of roller blinds blocks prying eyes from entering your living area without blocking the gorgeous sunlight.
  • Protect your Room from UV Rays without Blocking Lights: The living area or the bedroom in the morning just looks fabulous when the sunlight pours in. But have you thought of UV rays that can affect badly in many ways? Well now there are “solar roller blinds” out in the market. They protect your house from UV rays. They are designed in a way that protects the house from UV rays while light penetrates through the blinds. Just let he blinds hang on the window, the light coloured material doesn’t block the light, and the material behind it blocks the UV ray from entering. Now you can enjoy a healthy living.
  • Top Up your Venetian Blinds with Roller Blinds for Full Privacy at Night: No doubt Venetian blinds gives a good protection with its unique designed layering style but construction wise they are bit light. So, if you seek a strong privacy then just add roller blinds on top of your venetian blinds. Roller blinds sit well on top of venetian blinds and thus end up giving you a strong foundation of that extra privacy during night time.
  • Cover your Bathroom Windows with “Water Resistant” Roller Blinds: Of course you wouldn’t want your neighbours to peek through your window even by mistake. Cover it up with “water resistant roller blinds” made of hazy fabric. This will block any view coming from outside yet your bathroom will not run out of light during day time.
  • Creative Temporary Partition with Roller Blinds in the Extended Area: If you have a huge open space then make use of it by partitioning it roller blinds. For example if you have a open kitchen, dining, and living space and feels that concrete partitioning will make it look smaller then create a barrier with roller blinds and partition your kitchen space from your living space. Roller Blinds do not take much space and they look simply cool leaving a nice creative look to the interior yet spacious.
  • Replace Window Curtains with Roller Blinds for More Defined Aesthetic Look: Remove the old curtains that make your room or living area look smaller. Place roller blinds matching with your inner walls colour as they come in various fabrics. They not only create a widened vision to the interior but also define the look of the house and add value to the look of your windows. They also block the extreme heat of the light that prevents dullness of the materials of your furniture.

These are the few tips that can follow to recreate the look of your house. They are easy to clean and needs cleaning once in a year. Curtains on the other hand need cleaning often as they consume more dirt and dust. They need a mild cleaning depending on your usage. Just remove them from brackets when you clean them. There are various kinds of fabrics for roller blinds thus they can easily match the inner colour texture of your house. Coming to price roller blinds are much cost effective if compared to curtains. They are available in various shapes and sizes from readymade to custom installed. Thus prices vary depending on your need. They are indeed a great option to go for your house remodeling.

4 Tips for Maintenance of Concrete Surfaces

Buying a home or a business means being responsible for the maintenance and safety of the property. From the pool sides to the patios, from sidewalks to driveways there includes a lot of cement surfaces around the property that should be properly maintained in today’s world. There are few maintenance tips that will keep the slabs looking good and functioning so sound. So here are 4 tips for maintenance of concrete surfaces:

  1. Annual Cleaning: Never fool oneself by thinking that rain water alone is not enough to clean the cement surfaces. We all know that rain water unfortunately do not cut through grease and grime that generally accumulate on the slabs. A good cleaning with a mild detergent power washer and a push broom at least once in a year that will help in staining and discolouration at bay. This is a principle foundation in maintaining the concrete slabs.
  2. Application of Sealant: After proper scrubbing and drying, applying a quality sealant to the surface of the slab which will provide the vital UV protection and a protective barrier against the damaged surface. Sealant can also aid in repelling water providing a much needed defence against the elements. There includes different types of sealant in the market that are usually located by the concrete repair products at the local home improvement store.
  3. Expansion Joint Maintenance: As one involved themselves in the process of cleaning and inspecting the patios, driveways and other surfaces never forget to check the expansion joints. Damaged expansion joints may prove hazardous to the integrity of the cement slab which allows the water to seep beneath it and to contribute in aspect of settling. If any kind of cracks is being noticed then it’s better to review the expansion joint maintenance.
  4. Routine Monitoring: For another important component of concrete slab maintenance, regular inspection and monitoring the surfaces in the proactive way to catch and repair minor cracks before it becomes large enough that result in large and huge setting problems. If anyone gets any crack or separations  that one can think it very severe for retail concrete repair products then it’s advisable to contact the team members for the repair and services.  A lot of them can go into maintain the concrete services and keeping them in neat and cleaned shape. Even the best efforts cannot prevent the cracking and sinking cement slabs.

The original concept of mud jacking has been combined with the recent concepts and the modern technology to improve its advanced skills. Traditional mud jacking uses a heavier fill as a levelling compound and requires a larger quantity with bigger injection holes in it. Tilted concrete solutions meet the expert concrete levellers. The inspection of the foundation or concrete slab and provide an estimate to sunken concrete slab lifted.

Concrete Retaining Walls for Gardens

Garden always makes any surrounding look alluring and draws quick attention. A garden adds life to a very dull looking space. Surely many of you out there might love gardening as well. Many people even have their hobby gardening and love to grow beautiful flowers and plants and vegetable garden as well. But have you ever thought of giving a boundary to your garden to make it look more compact and eye-catchy?

A raised garden bed or concrete retaining wall can give another dimension to the look of your garden. There are also some cases where houses have sloping areas, pool areas, garden sheds, and steep sites can create many problems. One solution for them all is building a concrete retaining wall. A retaining wall in your garden can help prevent soil erosion, banish hard to mow slope areas, and many other similar issues.

Retaining walls that are a height of two feet or below are easy to build without much hassle. But if you want to build higher than this then it’s recommended to consult with a civil engineer. Usually retaining walls for garden aren’t of that high and so you can easily build them yourself with few guidance and right information. This content might help you in that case.

Building Retaining Walls of Concrete for Gardens:

If you have a garden on the front side or may be at the back of your house, in both cases concrete retaining walls can prove to be great for privacy purpose. Here’s how you can build a concrete wall.

  • First of all you need planning, materials and tools that you will be needing in construction, preparation, base course, back filing, inter locking clips, geogrid, capping, gloves and safety glasses.
  • Now starts the main work. First remove the soil from the area where the wall will sit and replace it with base material of good density for supporting the wall. It should be atleast ¾’’ wide. Now keep on compacting and building the base until its 12 inches deep. Make sure your base is level or your wall will be crooked.
  • Now put your first set of base with the concrete blocks. Be careful that the first base is levelled for the rest of the wall to remain straight. Check it with a level.
  • Next part is backfilling. Once you place the first set of blocks fill the large cores of the concrete blocks with crushed stones.
  • Now you need interlocking clips that should be placed. The clips interlock the blocks and prevent any side to side movement. Now add more courses after clipping. Keep working with additional courses and make sure you add the interlocking clips at every level and filling the cores in.
  • Now once you’re done with the two courses add geogrid. This helps to secure the wall. Now keep adding courses until your desired height of the concrete retaining wall.
  • Once you reach the desired height finish the last level by covering it concrete blocks that are called caps to cover the cores. Be sure they are placed properly and neatly for a tight finish to the walls.
  • Now secure the caps with masonry adhesive.

Your concrete retaining wall is all set up. Now you can add more plants or do things you like.

Things to Remember:

Do not forget to make a drainage system in your concrete walls. It is highly noticed that a lot of retaining wall falls or doesn’t last long due to moisture that it gains from the soil and excess water building up behind them.

Retaining walls should have some outlet passage for water drainage so that one can prevent these problems from happening. A drain pipe, or holes can be made to let the water drain out.

Thus you can see building concrete retaining walls is not a daunting task at all. By using some materials and manual work one can easily do it. There are many types of concrete blocks available in the market. You can choose whichever you feel like will go with the look of your building’s external area. Another thing about concrete blocks is they are easier and faster to install. So, building concrete walls using these blocks are very much into high these days.

Contented by: SoundConcreteCo .

DIY Ideas: Paint a Concrete Floor to Resemble Tiles

All people in their lives thought about how their dream house would look like. People need not have to go to some other places during their vacations or holidays to enjoy places of their wishes for cozy living room. Rather they can design their permanent living places properly with beautiful paintings of the house along with the colorful concrete floors. The ceiling of a small apartment can be painted with an attractive color or wallpapers can be used to make it feel bigger as the eyes always draw towards upwards but painted floors can make the guests to look downwards in the first entry only. The painting in the walls and floors of the rooms are to be done with a light color as light colors reflect light instead of absorbing it.

The interior of the living room has to be well designed then only the room will give an amazing appearance. The room should be well decorated not only with a mid-century sofa set or a sectional sofa, a TV set, flower vases with beautiful colored flowers but also with proper paintings with a bold color which should be balanced with the outside views.

The floor of a room that is having small area can be designed with wider timber boards. The tiles of a small room should be of large size as larger tiles avoid the feelings of cramped areas. The floors tiles of lighter colors are to be chosen for a small area as it will give a huger appearance to the small room. Plank hardwood floors which are having a measurement of 5” can be used instead of strips floorings to give a bigger look to a small area. The plank boards can be laid parallel to the longest walls of the room. The floors are to be laid diagonally give a bigger look to the room. The adjacent spaces in the room should be joined with flooring made up of same materials.

But if one can give a resemblance of tiles in the concrete floor by just painting it beautifully then the floor will look much more attractive than that after applying tiles. When the floor will be painted with some gorgeous designs in attractive colors then all eyes will surely move towards the floor than any other place of the room after entering the house.

The concrete floors need to be scrubbed properly with trisodium-phosphate (TSP) and a scrub brush that is stiff-bristle in nature. One needs to scrub the debris, heavy traffic areas and stains to remove them. The concrete floor should be well rinsed with fresh water so that there should be no presence of TSP. The concrete floor needs to be leave for some time for complete drying. A coat of primer is to be rolled on from the furthest corner from the door and then without leaving any puddles, visible lines or drips across the room as the paintings will be done. Then the primer on the floor needs to be dried and after that a second coating can be applied. The concrete is to leave for 24 hours to complete cure.

The center of the floor need to be marked and the side lengths of the concrete are to be measured. If the slabs are to be painted then the center of the walls are to be marked on the floor. A chalk line can then be snapped in between the two made marks. Then the same process is to be repeated for the opposite side wall sets. The two lines that are made should intersect at the center and then the concrete floor repair is to be divided into four quadrants. The tile stencils are to be lined up at their intersection by the help of chalk lines. The paint is to be prevented from seeping underneath by securely taping it in place and the paint should remain tight to the floor.

A paint brush is needed for painting over the stencil and for creating a cross-hatched like pattern that will resemble like textured tiles, one need to drag the paint brush in horizontal way and then in vertical way. The paint is to be dabbed on the floor for the resemblance of natural stone tiles. The paint is to be smoothed out that will leave no visual marks or lines that will give the resemblance of porcelain or glazed ceramic or tiles. The tape is to be peeled from the concrete and then the stencil is to be lifted carefully. The edge of the stencil is to be lined up by the help of painted tiles and it is to be keeping in mind that the paint should not be touched so one need to be careful. The stencil is to be tapped down on the three sides by carefully avoiding the painted tile. The paint is to be applied just in the same way like the first time. The stencil is to be moved continuously and the painting should be continued until one row of the quadrant is to be finished. A new row is to be started at the wall by lining up the tiles that is in the stencil with the already painted tiles that is present on the floor. The stencil is to be tapped in place by avoiding the tiles that are painted. The second row needs to be completed just like the first time; the two sides of the stencil are tapped down each time one will move it for avoiding tiles that are previously painted. The paint is to be left for drying and then the process needs to be repeated for the next quadrant and again the process should be repeated with the third and the last quadrant in the same way. At last the floor is to be kept for 24 hours to dry. Stirring is needed by mixing the different parts of the epoxy sealer. After proper mixing of the ingredients, the stirring should be done in slip-resistance particles or in any texture. The sealer sitting is to be left for 30 minutes. Then it is to be poured into a well having paint roller tray. The epoxy sealer is to be rolled onto the concrete floor in an east to west direction. The sealer is too dried after six hours and then the mixing and rolling will be done in another second coating in north to south direction. The epoxy is to be leave for 24 hours for curing before any interaction again with the concrete.

Therefore it is a new trend to decorate the concrete floor of house by painting. This will increase the beauty of the house. It can somehow decrease the cost of tiles repairing from time to time.

10 Benefits You Need to Know About Area Rugs

Area rugs are rectangular-shaped floor coverings that are kept in small as well as large rooms to decorate the floor attractively. It provides become an accident free factor for the dwellers in home. They prevent any damage of the shiny floors at high traffic areas. They help to keep the area stain free and shiny by preventing continuous footprints of the children and pets in the house. It prevents any destruction of the floor tiles.

The piles of area rugs are made up of various types of materials like synthetic fibers including polyester, polypropylene and nylon other than wool as the woolen rugs are much expensive than the synthetic ones. Jute and silk area rugs are also available in market. They are available in various designs and styles. They also come in handmade clothes also. The hand woven rugs are made up of good qualities materials and they too are long lasting.

The area rugs are available in varieties of textures to give a stunning appearance to the room. One can change the interior design and looks of the room by simply replacing the old one with a new rug having suitable design and color that get matched with the room color.

In home, area rugs are used due to a number of benefits:

  • Easy maintenance– Area rugs can be used in any room of a house for proper maintenance of the expensive floors in home. These rugs help in prevention of damage to the tiles, marbles and other flooring materials due to continuous movements through it.
  • Appearance– The area rugs are available in different styles and colors that will provide a perfect match with the rest part of home decors. They are available in different cuts and designs to give an attractive looks when placed in floor of rooms.
  • Comfort– These are also suitable for walking comfortably in even hard floors and also prevent slipping chances during moving on smooth hard floors. They also provide a warm feeling and safety to the feet.
  • Hypoallergenic properties– The area rugs are made up of sea grass which helps the dwellers who suffer from several allergies to sit freely near the rugs. The sea grass rugs are free of dangerous toxic substances.
  • Variable sizes– They come in various sizes starting from shorter rectangle shaped of 4’* 6’ up to larger sizes of 12’*15’. Therefore they can be placed in bedroom, and entrance area of home and also in areas like in front of dining table and couch.
  • Space definable– They are very helpful for multifunctional rooms those are not separated with walls by defining the space in an organized way. They give separate intimate zones to a single large room.
  • Act as Insulator– Rugs act as an insulator for the indoor environment and are able to save energy in home. These rugs insulate the floors of a room and give a psychological warmth feeling to the dwellers.
  • Cost effective– They come with long durability and so they cost very less with time when compared with good quality floor tiles and marbles and hard floors that are difficult to purchase and maintain frequently.
  • Acoustics– Several studies have proven that rug runners are able to absorb a number of sounds and when they are made with extra pads then the acoustics nature gets enhanced.
  • Easy Sustainable– Recently it has been observed that the old worn out rugs are recycled to make a new one. According to manufacturers, 121 million pounds of old damaged rugs are collected and then they are recycled for the manufacture of new rugs. 85% of 121 million pounds damaged rugs are recycled nowadays using new technologies.

The Area Rugs are available in pads for extra comfort to the bare feet. These rugs protect the home dwellers from accidental falls on hard wood floors. The area rugs are made in bright and dark colors also so that the dusts in the rugs cannot be easily visible and will be unable to destroy the home décor. These are highly beneficial to use in home which serves the purpose of decoration as well as protection equally.

Besides all these benefits, they are also used for trapping dusts, allergens and other contaminants and helps by keeping the floor clean. These trapped materials cannot be removed until they are properly cleaned. These rugs provide comfortable, warmth and cozy feeling to the sore feet of the home dwellers. A dark color wide area rug when placed in the beautiful wide room then it gives a classy look to the house. Though these rugs do not get damaged easily in few years but after years when they get worn out then they can be easily changed by a new rug unlike the costly hard floors that are difficult to replace.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification have done several studies which says that the rugs are easy to clean than the hard floors as the floors having hard surface needs about two and a half time more cleaning time to clean than the rugs and about seven times more expensive to clean the floor tiles than the area rugs.

There are fully fixed rugs but they are difficult to clean, replace and expensive than the removable rugs. Any stains like mud walks by the children and pets can easily be removed from rugs by washing with cleaning agent. The rugs should be placed very evenly on the floors in a complete flat way as they may cause accidents during walking when they are placed unevenly.

Area rugs are perfect choice for various places like dining room, living room, bedrooms and other open floor rooms. Rug runners are easily available in the market and one can also browse a number of rug runners online for buying. If one chooses to select an area rug having specific design, color, texture and cuts of one’s choice then he or she can easily choose a hand woven rug. They are available in the exact designs as they were ordered. But these area rugs are to be bought from reputable manufacturers for getting quality goods.

Contented by: InWeave Rugs

Types of Tufty Time Sofa

When fashion and furniture combines, then it’s none other than the famous Milan couturier Patricia Urquiola designed the famous tufty time sofa. It includes several fashionable and modular sofas’ that can exhibit a beautiful decor able but clean look to the living space of the individual. It exhibits a very stylish, modern and space saving sofas that ads on elegancy and classic look to the living place.  It is a unique collection of premium modern sofas discerning consumers. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of furniture artisans to cater the specific needs of the customers especially for those who are looking for the unique and one of the kinds of sofas for their modern homes and offices.

Tufty time sofas offer modern architecture and new concepts. It expresses contemporary styles that are perfectly matching to one’s individual living with an assured quality product delivery.  And this quality delivery truly resonate the customer’s satisfaction.

Tufty time sofas are quality cushioned with high density foams for long years of durability and comfort. It has been stylized with 43 selections of colour. They upholster each module using premium blend of cotton, wool, nylon fabric which is designed mainly for the durability and comfort purpose.

Several types of tufty time sofa:

Among the Designer combinations

These type sofas are classified on the basis of several sections with elegant and mind-blowing designs that perfectly match with the living space. They are padded with soft cushions and a very classic look to attract the customers and resonate with their expectations and demand. Each sofa is handcrafted with finest material which is specially chosen for its durability, comfort and sustainability. Sofas are basically edgy and fun and very comfortable to sit in. Their motto is designed for living. They offer premium quality of furniture’s with high expectation fulfilled by the customers.

  • Sectional 1 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 2 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 3 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 4 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 5 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 6 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 7 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 8 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 9 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 10 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 11 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 12 tufty sofa with designer combinations
  • Sectional 13 tufty sofa with designer combinations

Among the Building process of a complete sofa set

To build a complete sofa set, it requires all the parts to be placed and designed in a well manner to cater and deliver the needs of the customer. They offer soft cosy comfortable and edge furniture to decorate the room in a well manner. It includes

  • Middle module of tufty sofa.
  • Small left armrest module of tufty sofa.
  • Small right armrest module of tufty sofa.
  • Extra-large Right Armrest Module of tufty sofa.
  • Extra-large Left Armrest Module of tufty sofa.
  • Middle deep Module of Tufty sofa.
  • Large left high Armrest Module of tufty sofa.
  • Large right Armrest Module of tufty sofa.
  • Large Left Deep Module of tufty sofa.
  • Large Right Deep Seat Module of tufty sofa.
  • Small Right Square Module of tufty sofa.
  • Small Left Square Module of tufty sofa.
  • Small Left Module of tufty sofa.
  • Small Right Module of tufty sofa.
  • Large Left Module of tufty sofa.
  • Large Right Module of tufty sofa.
  • Right Chaise module of tufty sofa.
  • Left Chaise module of tufty sofa.
  • Left module, Medium Deep Seat of tufty sofa.
  • Right module, Medium Deep Seat of tufty sofa.
  • Left Half Module, Deep Seat Version of tufty sofa.
  • Right half Module, Deep Seat Version of tufty sofa.
  • Corner Half Chaise, Left Module of tufty sofa.
  • Corner Half Chaise, Right Module of tufty sofa.
  • Medium Ottoman of tufty sofa.
  • Large Ottoman of tufty sofa.
  • Side Ottoman of tufty sofa.
  • Small Ottoman of tufty sofa.

Features that made it so Premium and excellent

  1. Frame: Usually the frame comprise of first grade renewable lumber stock which has been specially pre-treated by using Thermo Pure Fumigation process. The frame is generally the holding structure of any of the sofa made, so it need to be very accurate and perfect in its featuring and manufacturing process.
  2. Fabric: It mainly comprise of cotton, nylon and wool fabric texture. This provides the tenderness and the cosiness of the seat at the same time it offers the durability and strength and offers the protection from not being torn or damaged. Fulfils the desires and wants of the customers demand and their choices.
  3. Legs: It involves the stainless steel or solid wood legs that helps to stand and support it well and gives a stylish elegant and sophisticated look.
  4. Cushion: Usually cushions are wrapped in Dacron fire retardant CH117 Sofa foam, excellent cushions with fire protection, soft, tender and very comfortable to be place on sofa. It enhances the external look and gives the tufty sofa a beautiful appealing look and also to the customers to the fullest satisfaction.

The motto of this tufty time furniture is designed for living. They are very proud and honoured to serve the interior decorator for interior design and architectural trades. Especially for the premium furniture they are mile stone towards their manufacturing. Here the best advantage it offers is that building of sofa as well a contemporary style of sofa is manufactured with sophistication and new trend. Several modules of sofa along with versatile designs are they main assets for display to the customers.

Latest Designer Sofas with TuftyTime

Home is where our heart is. No matter how far we travel wherever we go our heart still quenches for the mellowness that we acquire only in our own home. A beautiful life begins at home. The way we dress ourselves represents our personality and so does the ideas of decorating our house that reflects the aura of the place we live in or our working area. Every individual have their own taste of decorating their house. As the world is getting advanced day by day so are our lifestyle and our likings towards the decorative stuffs.

The living area is one of the most valued parts in the whole house. It is the first attraction while entering a house. A well decorated and furnished living area reflects the ambience of the entire house. Likewise good and tidy decorations of the office where you work also soothe and relax your mind and help you be productive in your work. It’s the positive and refreshing vibe of the ambience that enriches your inner feel. So if you are one of them who’s eyes always roaming and searching around for things that best suits your home or working area then surely you have popped in to the right place.

Modern Sofas by Tuftytime to add an Extra gleam to your living and working Space:

Tuftytime brings you a wide range of latest designer sofas that will succeed in drawing first impression the moment you see them. TuftyTime offers exclusive collection of premium modern sofas for sophisticated customers for both homely and official purpose. They manufacture extremely well handcrafted sofas which are not only elegant looking and serves with great comfort but are also sustainable and durable. They are serving and adding beauty to the interiors since 2013 with their unique and fun style latest designer sofas. You can not only shop but also build sofas exactly the way you desire for your house and office.

Some Sofa Designs by Tufty Time:

If you are looking for a curled up cosy corner in your home well here are few designs that will best match your requirement for designer stylish sofas.

  1. TF001 is an appealing three seated middle module sofa with a very relaxing sitting texture. Its width is 102cm, depth is 109cm, back height is 68cm and front sitting height is 35cm. It’s available in 43 shades leaving with a huge colour choosing option.


  1. TF002 is a small left armrest sofa which provides a relaxing area for your arm to rest while talking or working. It is of (109width x 109depth) cm, and is available in variety of elegant colours to match your home or office decor.


  • TF006 is a middle extensive module sofa where you can snug up tightly. One interesting feature about this sofa is that you can combine this with other sofas from Tuftytime to make it an expandable standard or sectional sitting area. It comes with 41 premium fabric shades.


  1. TF010 is a colossal right armrest deep seated sofa for extremely comfort sitting and relaxing. It is available in 41 premium coloured texture offering a great versatile sofa with 143cm width and 150cm depth.


  1. TF011 is a bijou sofa with a right square module. It can be merged with a middle or left module sofa from TuftyTime to make it more large and comfortable for relaxing. Its width and depth is 109cm with 41 varying colours giving you a wider range of colour choosing option.


  1. Tf017 a right chaise cosy looking sofa available in 43 different colours. It is 109cm wide and 150 cm deep seated sofa where you tuck in.


  • TF019 is a left module 109cm wide and 105cm deep sitting couch that can be fitted with other right and middle module sofas from TuftyTime. It is designed keeping in view of the consumers who loves to mix and match their sitting arrangements and can create their very own custom couches. It’s obtainable in 41 premium colours to match up with your home and office interior.


  • TF023 is a half chaise left module sofa that gives a soothing nook in your home or office interior. It is 109cm wide and 150cm deep sitting area with immense comfort. This is also available in various colours with soft texture.


  1. TF026 is a large ottoman couch by TuftyTime where you can not only sit but also take a short nap within your work interval. It is 150cm wide and 102cm deep which offers you with variant premium shades to suit your home decor leaving you with no dilemma in choosing.

The above all stylish and elegant innovative latest fashionable designed sofas for your office and home interiors to give you a comfy feel adding a luxurious look that will not escape complements in your resting and sitting area. These enchanting sofas by TuftyTime have fancied its consumers and promises to serve more to interior designing.

An Amazing Cozy Living Room with Stunning Outside View

A living room with beautiful outside views make the room attractive. The living rooms with stunning outside views need not to be large and luxurious. Such rooms are not always expensive. A living room with a stunning skyline view or with a full view of the city make the room wonderful.

All people in their lives thought about how their dream house would look like. People need not have to go to some other places during their vacations or holidays to enjoy places of their wishes for cozy living room and beautiful outside scenarios. Rather they can design their permanent living places properly with glass sliding windows for enjoying the outside views. If one lives in an apartment at higher floors with glass sliding windows then the person has the chance to cherish various places of the cities by sitting in the living room.

But the interior of the living room has to be well designed then only the room will be amazing. The room should be well furnished with a mid-century sofa set or a sectional sofa, a TV set, flower vases with beautiful colored flowers. Beside these the room should be painted properly with a bold color which should be balanced with the outside views.

How to Make a Small Apartment Feel Huge

The ceiling of a small apartment can be painted with an attractive color or wallpapers can be used to make it feel bigger as the eye always draw towards upwards. The painting in the walls and floors of the rooms are to be done with a light color as light colors reflect light instead of absorbing it. Thus the space in the rooms of the apartment will look bigger. The rooms will be airy when they are colored with light colors so it brings a feeling of larger areas in the apartment.

The furniture in the room are to be pulled out from the wall as it will be give the space more open. When the furniture are pushed against the wall then it looks and feels very cramped. A console table can be used to slip in between the sofa sets and the wall. In a small apartment one large couch can be used instead of various smaller couches which makes the living room feel huge.

There should be hidden storages in the rooms like spaces inside the top of the bed or secret spaces inside a table which will give a feeling of a lot of items in a small area. So the use of multi-purpose items makes the apartment feels bigger. The selves are to be hanged upward which makes the eyes draw upwards. These are some ways to make a small apartment feel huge.

WOW! Trendy Loft Exercise Room

The time has come when the fitness centers are outpouring across the world for the membership cards. Nowadays all people are aware of both getting fit as well as losing weight. But most of the time it happens that a gym membership is paid which is used only for the first few days and then time comes which shows the lethargic attitudes. So such problems can be overpowered by a home exercise room which will not be missed out in a workout routines.

An exercise room in home is not just for rich and famous people. A small functional workout area with suitable equipments can be added even in a smaller home. All it is needed to notice the clarity and quality of the equipments those will be present in the exercise room. Some choose complex equipments while others go for simple weights. If the loft exercise room combines with another frequently used room like study room or the room which contains important documents of office works then there will be no chance of missing out the regular workout schedule. So instead of paying for gym memberships, presence of a trendy loft exercise room in even a small home is more useful for burning the fats and maintaining fitness. Such an exercise room will be more attractive for workouts than to move outside for gyming.

A Beautiful Loft Bedroom in Your Budget

A beautiful bedroom in the loft area of the house can be arranged without much budget. If the house is a small one then to opt for a bedroom in the loft will be a good decision. The space in the loft can be utilized by designing a bedroom. The loft bedroom can be simple with glass windows which allows the light to pass through and enter the room. The views outside can be admired from the windows of the loft bedroom. The loft bedrooms are unable to get lights and remains darker than the other bedrooms so walls and the ceilings of such bedrooms should be painted or wallpapered with light colors as to reflect more light and will be more airy also. To maintain budget, the bedrooms are to be designed with minimum furniture. In a loft bedroom there should present a hydraulic storage double bed or a single bed, night lamps, a single chair as the space is less. Too much goods in such bedrooms will give a feeling of cramped. Some wall stickers around the windows can be added which will increase the beauty of the room. So a loft bedroom with such minimum furniture and light paintings can easily fit to the budget.

Beautiful Bare Windows

Bare windows help to create both indoor and outdoor feelings. A wall of bare windows with a collection of plants gives a feeling of greenhouse in the living area. Bare windows allow a plenty of light to come inside the house. These windows helps to the inside of the room to meet the outside views. Such windows give a cozy and comfortable environment inside the room. Nothing is more luxurious than quietly escaping to the outside world even for a little time. It is just a romantic feeling to sit beside a bare window with a cup of coffee and enjoy the outside views.

Bare windows can be framed with white color or a color that matches with the walls of the room. Bedazzled curtains can be designed for bare windows to finish the beauty where privacy is not required. If there is nothing to hide then the bare windows can be kept undressed or else curtains which matches the window can be used. Bare windows towards north facing can be placed as there is no risk of entering harsh lights inside the room. If the wall of the living room is filled with bare windows then one can admire the nature including the skyline and the cities. So choosing beautiful bare windows for a beautiful room is a great opinion.


An apartment having an amazing stunning living room with bare windows to meet the nature is the choice of most of the people. In addition to this, if a loft bedroom and trendy exercise room can be managed then it is like the dream room of many people. One will feel like every day is a vacation. Such an apartment can be small but it increases the beauty.

One can bring the outdoor beauties inside the house by looking through the bare windows. The entire living room become amazing and cozy by the meet with the skyline. So one have to design the decision to maximize the beauty of a living place. A small area for living can also be made beautiful only what needed is preplanning it properly.