Your Kid is ‘Toe-Walking’: Should you worry?

Firstly what is meant by ‘Toe-walking’? It is basically a condition where your kid walks on his or her toes or rather to be precise on the balls of their feet. It is not always considered to be an orthopaedic condition which needs treat however you should always be careful. When kids start walking, parents wish the best for them and when they see some differences or other the first thing most of them do is Panic.

But it should be kept in mind always that a child’s body is developing and care must be taken. In case there are some faults in their behaviour or anything it might not be a serious issue always, however care must be taken and faults must be brought into notice immediately. As a child grows, these faults eventually subside and they grow as physically fit individuals.

Understanding Differences between Bow Legs and Knock Knees

In case of ‘toe walking’ the situation is similar. If your kid is 2 to 3 years old and all the time he is walking on his toes, do not worry. He will soon be fine most likely. However if he is beyond 3 years then the matter needs immediate attention and you must consult a physician regarding the same.

So if your little one is toe walking, do not get panicked. First try to figure out what could possibly be the reason behind it. There are a huge number of reasons for toe walking in case of kids. They include:

  • Simple habit
  • Short Achilles tendon
  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Idiopathic
  • Some general sensory related issues

The actual cause of ‘toe walking is yet to be known. Physicians are trying to figure that out so that a better and surer form of treatment can be found in case of this kind of conditions in case of kinds of a certain age.

If your child is above 3 years and still continues to show signs of toe walking only then you should be concerned about the points other than the first point. Otherwise the first point is the most probable reason and there is no reason for you to worry. Just a few simple stretching would do the needful.  In case of toe walking it should not be considered as a grave issue always. You should pay proper attention to your little one’s condition before you decide what action to take for it.

Sometimes as kids learn to walk they tend to walk on their toes and this starts becoming a habit for them which they continue to practice till age. If it continues way beyond the age of 5 you must consult a physician and do the needful.

Treatments for ‘Toe Walking’

A number of different treatments have been developed for ‘toe walking’ in kids. They are:

  • Some basic treatments such as stretching and bending exercises for strengthening the leg muscles.
  • Using of braces to limit the movement of the legs so that the child cannot get up on their toe as and when they want.
  • Botox injections are also given. This is done in order to temporarily paralyze the calf muscles so that the child has to touch the whole foot in order to be able to balance his or her steps properly.
  • Serial casting can also be used. A number of castings are done from time to time to strengthen the heel cords.
  • Stiff and high boots are also recommended by physicians sometimes so that the child is unable to get into the habit of rising up on his toes conveniently. This compels him to walk on the whole feet at a time.

So there is no need to worry if your child has started walking on his toes. Keep a track of his movements and if this continues to go on for a long time even after the age of 3 then consult a physician. Otherwise just train your kid and convince him to use his whole feet to balance his body while walking. If your child is ‘toe walking’ it does not always mean that there are some serious issues related to it. So just relax and enjoy the moments of your child’s growth and development.

Contented by: Kids Orthopedic.