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Latest Designer Sofas with TuftyTime

Home is where our heart is. No matter how far we travel wherever we go our heart still quenches for the mellowness that we acquire only in our own home. A beautiful life begins at home. The way we dress ourselves represents our personality and so does the ideas of decorating our house that reflects the aura of the place we live in or our working area. Every individual have their own taste of decorating their house. As the world is getting advanced day by day so are our lifestyle and our likings towards the decorative stuffs.

The living area is one of the most valued parts in the whole house. It is the first attraction while entering a house. A well decorated and furnished living area reflects the ambience of the entire house. Likewise good and tidy decorations of the office where you work also soothe and relax your mind and help you be productive in your work. It’s the positive and refreshing vibe of the ambience that enriches your inner feel. So if you are one of them who’s eyes always roaming and searching around for things that best suits your home or working area then surely you have popped in to the right place.

Modern Sofas by Tuftytime to add an Extra gleam to your living and working Space:

Tuftytime brings you a wide range of latest designer sofas that will succeed in drawing first impression the moment you see them. TuftyTime offers exclusive collection of premium modern sofas for sophisticated customers for both homely and official purpose. They manufacture extremely well handcrafted sofas which are not only elegant looking and serves with great comfort but are also sustainable and durable. They are serving and adding beauty to the interiors since 2013 with their unique and fun style latest designer sofas. You can not only shop but also build sofas exactly the way you desire for your house and office.

Some Sofa Designs by Tufty Time:

If you are looking for a curled up cosy corner in your home well here are few designs that will best match your requirement for designer stylish sofas.

  1. TF001 is an appealing three seated middle module sofa with a very relaxing sitting texture. Its width is 102cm, depth is 109cm, back height is 68cm and front sitting height is 35cm. It’s available in 43 shades leaving with a huge colour choosing option.


  1. TF002 is a small left armrest sofa which provides a relaxing area for your arm to rest while talking or working. It is of (109width x 109depth) cm, and is available in variety of elegant colours to match your home or office decor.


  • TF006 is a middle extensive module sofa where you can snug up tightly. One interesting feature about this sofa is that you can combine this with other sofas from Tuftytime to make it an expandable standard or sectional sitting area. It comes with 41 premium fabric shades.


  1. TF010 is a colossal right armrest deep seated sofa for extremely comfort sitting and relaxing. It is available in 41 premium coloured texture offering a great versatile sofa with 143cm width and 150cm depth.


  1. TF011 is a bijou sofa with a right square module. It can be merged with a middle or left module sofa from TuftyTime to make it more large and comfortable for relaxing. Its width and depth is 109cm with 41 varying colours giving you a wider range of colour choosing option.


  1. Tf017 a right chaise cosy looking sofa available in 43 different colours. It is 109cm wide and 150 cm deep seated sofa where you tuck in.


  • TF019 is a left module 109cm wide and 105cm deep sitting couch that can be fitted with other right and middle module sofas from TuftyTime. It is designed keeping in view of the consumers who loves to mix and match their sitting arrangements and can create their very own custom couches. It’s obtainable in 41 premium colours to match up with your home and office interior.


  • TF023 is a half chaise left module sofa that gives a soothing nook in your home or office interior. It is 109cm wide and 150cm deep sitting area with immense comfort. This is also available in various colours with soft texture.


  1. TF026 is a large ottoman couch by TuftyTime where you can not only sit but also take a short nap within your work interval. It is 150cm wide and 102cm deep which offers you with variant premium shades to suit your home decor leaving you with no dilemma in choosing.

The above all stylish and elegant innovative latest fashionable designed sofas for your office and home interiors to give you a comfy feel adding a luxurious look that will not escape complements in your resting and sitting area. These enchanting sofas by TuftyTime have fancied its consumers and promises to serve more to interior designing.