10 Tips To Remodel Utility Room

A utility room is arguably the toughest working spot in your home. As this room is used only for stacking up household items, no work is done to make it look pretty.

But with little efforts, you can bring order in this chaos and make the most of your utility room.

These 10 tips offer ideas for remodeling your utility room.

1. Add Functionality to style

Utility rooms are all about functionality. The sink should be deeper allowing cleaning of muddy boots and clothes. Ceiling spots create a spacious feel while the tiled floor offers a touch of elegance and are easy to clean.

2. Use ceiling space

The ceiling of utility room should be high so that the added space can be utilized for a number of reasons.

Hanging clothes rack can be fitted to use this space to dry clothes.

3. Play with details

The utility room is to keep your household items. It isn’t a place where you will bring your guests or even spend your own leisure time.

So, why hold your creativity back? Use this room to play with color combinations, wall signs and check out how your choice fares. You can experiment liberally in this room as there is nothing to lose.

4. Try darker shades

The general trend is to use light-colored cabinets so that utility room breathes freshness. But there is no harm in having cabinets with a darker shade. In fact, colors like navy blue offer a modern look and give the satisfaction of trying something quirky.

5. Bring the best of open and closed cabinets

Utility rooms are ideal for hiding unused appliances and other ugly products lying in your home. You can stack them in closed cabinets but what about sundry items in your home that look pretty and gorgeous. These items like vases and ceramics can be lined up on open shelves to uplift aesthetic appeal of the utility room.

6. Have clear demarcation

If you don’t have the space to create an independent utility room, you can spare some area in the kitchen and convert it into utility space.

But when you are doing so, ensure that you make clear markings of zones. Panels and paints are effective tools for defining the zones.

7. Exploit potential of rails and racks

If you cannot push the ceiling of utility room higher and have to stay content with compact space then a normal rack is your ideal savior.

You can wall-mount a frame and use it to dry clothes or can try heated options for drying clothes quickly.

8. Do proper planning

Plan your storage to ensure that you make use of every part of the utility room. For taller and heavier items such as a mop and vacuum cleaner, allocate some additional space in your cabinets.

You can approach cabinet makers to create custom-made cabinets that meet your evolving storage demands.

9. Seek professional help

If you are looking to make the most of your utility room then feel free to get professional help. Professional homemakers have ample experience and expertise so they can help you in a great way in making your utility room.

Advantage Home Contracting is a reliable name in this sector and you can contact them to know how their services can benefit your home.

10. Do not forget to have some hooks

You never know when you will run out of space in your utility room. Hence it is advisable to plan for it beforehand.

A simple accessory such as a peg rail works wonders and offers additional space when required. Peg rails come in handy to hang towels, aprons, shoes, and napkins. You can even use the hooks to air items once they are ironed.