Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Design Ideas (Floating Vanities, Storage & Layout Designs)

Small always doesn’t mean creepy and shabby. But here we welcome all to the gallery of small bathroom designs. Small bathroom layout can create unique challenges. So from the below description we will see the small bathroom design ideas including vanities, storage and layout designs.

The narrow bathroom is featured with marble tops with ample counter space. They are featured with oval shaped tub, with taps cleanly mounted onto the wall, large windows and shower enclave paired with lighter grey colour making this narrow bathroom looking larger. Small space is always preferable to create the creativity and small bathrooms are no exception to it. That’s why small spaces provide design challenges that give way to surprisingly beautiful design solutions.

For designing for the spaces much care is required for the planning purpose of how to lie out and organize the elements of the room. Although not all the rooms of the house but bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important room in the whole residence. It’s undoubtedly the most private place in the home where almost all the residents of the house spent the time regularly in it. So it is very important to be designed and decorated well, to make a happy living for the residents.

Here are few bathroom designs are required to cover-up and make a good use of the small space too:

  1. Smart Storage: – It is really difficult to manage and adjust the small space because small space gets very easily cluttered and it’s very fast also. Small area means that there are very small places to keep the cleaning materials in the bathroom such as hygiene products, towels and robes and clothes hampers. So here one needs to apply their creativity to design it properly. Floating and wall shelves are the best way to cover these areas of hygiene. One can even try incorporating the storage space on the fixtures such as trays, sink skirts and updated crates and storage stack bins.
  2. Less is more preferred: So to solve the problem of smaller bathroom, to prevent the clutteredness minimalism is the new black now days. So there should be stop in that case of adding designs to the room. However we all know, personalize and expressive creativity is always encouraged in case of interior design. There are many people who make clumsy designs for them especially they should learn to know that too much is too much. Small ornamental items while relocating in the bathroom should be chosen carefully or else it may look too full due to less space.
  3. Unique Pieces: Bold accent pieces are mainly favourable for bathrooms. Not all pieces can be places in the bathroom, which may turn the look a bit shabby. One should be very careful, that it should not over clutter the space. Another important aspect is colour, neutral colours are always preferable for the promotion of cleanliness and calmness. Neutral tones of colour enhance the classy look, style and the beauty of the space.
  4. Colour Consideration: Always plan the preferred colour tone. Try to see that what type of colour may strike in our mind that concocting the palette colour which is really bright to light up the small bathroom. Try to make careful choices in terms of floor tiles colour, bathroom accessories including towel racks, hooks and even hardware such as door knobs and long type of fixtures.
  5. Little Detailing: Even smallest thing may create a huge difference. After considering the big accent pieces, the overall colour tone of the room and the layout space everything is in space and focus only every details of the room that makes it shine. Small bathrooms with lighter shades of colour reflect the light and look bigger. The toilet area should capitalize with the spacing of the bathroom size, storage area and overhead hanging shelves etc.

The small bathroom always economizes the layout by placing all fixtures on one side of the wall, therefore keeping the path with no obstacles, and the opposite side is also kept free. Another feature is the towel rack which is mounted at a clear height above the toilet ensuring the ease to reach their after shower or toilet use. Above the sink a beautiful painted picture if mounted looks great and refreshing too.

Creative way of shelving is the way which can add character to the small bathroom. Using pedestal sink is a great space saver that looks clean and inviting for guests at the expense of having under the storage.  The light grey colour of the bathroom suits with a pedestal type of basin or sink with thin base and a robust basin. The basin features side guards so that smaller the bathroom accessories can be placed on the basin.

Sometimes small bathroom features with a odd L shaped layout which takes the full advantage of it. On one side the basin with the chrome finished taps enclosed in the cove, with an oval window above it and highlighted by a trio chrome of wall scenes. On the other part of the cove the toiled is fitted with hanging shelves above it for storage and décor purpose.

The dark wood undercounted cabinetry goes well with the white marble countertop with a backsplash and as well as grey walls with white tiles. Additional stool is kept at the side for the towel storage.

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