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4 Reasons Why Digital Printing Services is Essential for Your Business

Do you need a solution that can break the communication gap between your business and prospects? In the competitive digital era, it has become much easier for your target segment to get occupied with promotional activities like email marketing, online ads, pop-ups, etc. So, given the scenario, it is the right time to undertake an effective approach that can help reach your prospects- i.e., digital printing services.

Also, as per the Forbes, digital printing and promotional products provide your prospects and customers with an immersive brand experience, which is difficult to replicate online. If you’re still not sure investing in digital printing services is the right choice for your business, we’re here providing you with 4 reasons so as to why digital printing services are important for your business.

  1. On-demand printing

Nothing can be more stressful than knowing that your signs, posters, banners, or other engaging print formats are less in the amount a few days before the release date. It is impossible to immediately hire any other office to do the printing for you, and moreover, most of the printing offices won’t take such rush orders. This is exactly where the role of digital printing service comes into play.

You don’t need any factors in digital printing to have your files printed. Because a digital printing service provider is easily able to collect that data or files directly from your email, flash drive, or computer, it will quickly print the exact number of copies you desire. It is similar to the documents or rush files that you wanted to get printed on exactly the time when you want it. Whether you need hard copies of important files or the other contracts, digital printing service makes everything easier for you to finish all these tasks.

  1. Customized printing services

Your potential customers may give a better response to particular marketing strategies. It just relies on the industry or services provided by your business. You can also customize the digital printing services for advertising your business in a manner that is especially designed to cater to your audience. For example, if you need editing in something or want to enlarge an image, you can instantly change it before you achieve the right design and angle that your business may need. Traditional marketing items such as flyers, coupons, newsletters or postcards are the vital key aspects of any successful marketing strategy. Whereas you also need to consider more modern methods like stickers, banners, car decals, etc. But, when you hire a top quality digital printing service provider with an exceptional capability to produce products, you open up to a world of new printing possibilities. Plus, you get the opportunity to work with printing experts who possess more knowledge of digital printing and strategy. The integration of the given digital strategy and printing expertise offers you the best of both worlds.

  1. No development related costs

Be it a small or medium-size business, choosing to work with a digital printing service company is one of the most cost-efficient methods due to many reasons. It won’t cost you for maintenance or worry about improper functioning of printers. Moreover, you don’t have to buy ink essentials or take care of printing and other paper materials.

Publishers spend a large amount of money and time on each subscriber every year the purpose of auditing. For instance, if it costs a publisher $3 per year on each subscriber and their distribution is about 200, 000, which is $300, 000 per year for the development of the audience. Print marketers won’t have to worry about these costs. The marketers have to use their mailing list to distribute the magazines to their customers.

  1. SEO and digital printing makes a perfect pair

You don’t have to leave digital printing to adopt a print route strictly. By this, we mean to say that digital printing is very essential and can, of course, go hand in hand with online marketing very well. Businesses that utilize the combination of both offline source such as digital printing and online marketing promotions certainly receive an opportunity to engage with the larger and more loyal customer base.

Choosing the right digital printing service company

It is of no doubt that there are many companies that offer digital printing and related services. So, it is important to carefully select a service provider that can offer you everything that you need to grow your business. The most important thing to consider is the years of experience in the industry. Because the fact that they are in a specific industry from a long time means people can trust you with a good reason to stay further in touch with you.

Apart from that, you should compare the costs so that you only choose the company that can offer you a good value for money. Ensure that the services you are looking for are reasonably priced. But, don’t just settle for cheaper with poor quality service. However, you are able to receive more discounts if you work with the same company for a longer period of time. And most importantly you need to check out the customer reviews. This would help you better understand about the perceptions of customers regarding a particular digital printing company. These reviews will act as a guide to help you find the right digital printing service that can better serve your business needs.


Digital Printing vs Offset Printing: How To Choose?

Printing has become an essential part of our lives. Information is constantly being printed, whether in offices or in our homes. Therefore it is important to know the details of printing.  From materials being printed in like magazines and newspapers to isolated print outs, for school or work; printing has evolved to form an almost perennial constant. However, all materials cannot be printed with the same ink or the same device. The methods of printing differ from situation to situation. For example, some information needs to be printed on special pages like glazed or photography paper, while some differ in types of ink that is to be used or simply in the system of printing. This article aims to show a comparison between digital printing and offset printing by listing their advantages and disadvantages.

Digital Printing

In digital printing, large format and high volume laser or inkjet printers are used.  Digital printing is used for small scale printing purposes for example, in home or office, which require fewer amounts of printouts.


  • Digital printing is quick and methodical. There is need to waste time or engage in unnecessary details while digitally printing any information. As you do not need to set up any infrastructure, material gets printed faster, which otherwise would have taken days to produce.
  • Digital printing does not require any photo chemicals or film plates as used it traditional methods of printing. Therefore, digital printing is more of a cleaner and easier process.
  • For printing images, this method is the best. Digital printing produces good quality images with high resolution and these images can be printed on a number of materials and they can be directly applied on glass, wood, Sintra board or PVC.
  • Digital Printing is all about precision and consistency. Whether you require large format printouts or a small volume of printed material, digital printing is a safe option. It starts and completes orders fast and you can easily duplicate if you want and avoid any major errors.
  • Digital printing requires no extra labor, supplies or infrastructure and thus it is extremely cost effective for printing a small amount of material.


  • Though the cost is quite low with digital printing, when it comes to large volume of printouts this method tends to get expensive. Getting large volumes printed is a problem because a digital printer runs between 15 to 50 feet per minute.
  • In spite of having a color palette that supports a wide range of colors, digital printers do no support metallic inks.
  • Most inks fade if subjected to direct sunlight. However inks used in digital printing fade much faster. There is an UV inhibition laminator system but the printer surface needs to be constantly updated to prevent the ink from fading.
  • Although there is no set up involved and no labor costs, digital printers need to be updated and have to be checked periodically so that it operates properly. This ends up costing more than the actual printing.

Offset Printing

The technique of offset printing involves the formation of an image or type on a printing plate and this plate in turn prints the image or the type onto the printing material. Offset printing is useful for commercial or business purposes where printouts are required in large amounts like for example, in printing magazines, books, newspapers or booklets and brochures.


  • Offset printing is an extremely efficient form of printing and using this technique, the production of printing plates is not only easy but also pretty fast.
  • Images and typed information printed are extremely sharp and clear. The images are of good quality. The reason for such quality print is that offset printers have a rubber blanket feature that conforms easily to the surface of the printing material.
  • For producing good quality prints in bulk, offset printing is a good technique to use as it is fast and cheap.
  • In offset printing there is not direct contact between the print plate and the printing surface and due to this reason, offset printers have longer printing plate life.
  • The amount of ink being used can be controlled in an offset printer by adjusting the ink on the fountain roller with screw keys. The density of color applied can also be altered.


  • The infrastructure around an offset printer needs to be set up and the constant production of printing plates involves high cost.
  • Offset printers often contain anodized aluminum printing plates that due to chemical oxidation slowly become highly sensitive and tend to print in the non-image areas.

Though print quality is very high, in case of images that are printed, the resolution is not as good as those printed using photogravure or rotogravure printing.

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