Software Translation

Is Software Translation Replacing Human Translation Any Time Soon?

Software translation is the translation of any program that is written in a programming language to a program which is functionally equivalent to the previous one in some different computer languages but the logical structure or functional structure of the program’s original code will not be lost. This total process of translation is done by the help of a translator. There are different types of software translators like compiler, interpreter and decompiler that can able to change computer languages. The translator that can able to convert one high level language to another high level language is known as source-to-source compiler. The one which can convert a high level language to an intermediate code is known as interpreter. Similarly the translator that converts one high level language to one low level language is known as decompiler.

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On the other hand, human translation is the one that translates any written document like personal documents, legal documents, letters, manuals, magazines, information about any product, advertisements, websites and even books from one language to another. A human translator can able to convert a language to another along with idioms, grammar, conventions and preservation of the meaning of the context of the target language close to the previous original one.

Therefore, software translation cannot replace human translation any time soon. A machine or software translator can never able to work like a human translator. The software translator can convert some texts only from one machine language to another. Unlike human translator, the software translator converts a language to another without preserving the meaning of the context of target language close to original language. Translation is not any mathematical equation or any scientific calculation that can be programmed externally by a software developer into intelligent machines. A professional translator only can involve himself or herself in the work of translation. The translators are native speakers or persons who have studied extensively about the target language. The human translators have the capability of translating the original language by capturing the spirit and by using right styles and tones able to preserve the meaning of the original language for the readers of the target language and texts.

The advantages of software translation are:

  • The turnaround time is quick.
  • One can translate between more than two languages by using one tool only.
  • Translation by software means is improving day by day.
  • Skype translator, Google translate are some of the translating tools that are easily available.

The disadvantages of software translation are:

  • The accuracy level of software language over human language is very low and very inconsistent.
  • Software languages cannot able to translate any context.
  • The mistakes done by a machine or software language sometimes are very costly.
  • It also happens that sometimes machine translator simply cannot occur properly.

The advantages of human translation over software translation are:

  • A human translator works very accurately unlike software translator.
  • Human translators are able to interpret context and without only translating the original words to target words, they also capture similar meaning of the target words close to the original words.
  • Human translators review their translating works and a quality process is provided by them.
  • The creative use of different languages like slogans, puns, metaphors can easily be interpreted by human translators.
  • The idiomatic differences in between the different languages can be understood by professional human translators.
  • If literal translation in a piece of content is not possible then human translators can find the suitable alternatives unlike the software translators.

The disadvantages of human translation are very less as compared to software translation:

  • Human translators have longer turnaround time in comparison to software translator.
  • There is no human translator who will work for free.

All the software and computers are invented by humans only. These are designed to finish the necessary tasks quickly in less time. But the machines with their artificial intelligence cannot work better than humans. In case of translation also, the software translation remains behind to the human translation. It is very common that all the software are programmed into a machine by humans only so how can that man-made machine will work better than humans.

Though nowadays, computers are helpful to humans in all aspects of life but the capabilities of learning by human brains are much more than by machine brains. In the same way, the software translation can never replace human translation.

Contented by: BelTranslation International.