Muscle Infections in Children

Symptoms and Signs of Bone, Joint, and Muscle Infections in Children

A child with bone, joint and muscle infections needs to be cured fast as he or she is still developing. The pediatric orthopedic injuries are more susceptible to different musculoskeletal infections. The injuries that are caused due to sports in young children can affect the growing bones, joints and muscles. This in result can affect the child in future growth. Therefore correct treatments should be provided to those children to avoid infections due to any problems like angular abnormalities, abnormal limb lengths in the future.

In some cases, it can be seen that there are several complex orthopedic conditions in children like uneven limb lengths, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, congenital hip dysplasia and spina bifida which can also cause several orthopedic infections if not treated properly in time. These are some injuries and infections in bones, joints and muscles which can be seen from birth only and so emergency treatment is needed. These are some surgeries which are to be done by dedicated pediatric specialists as the future of the child depends on such complicated surgeries. There are different foot and ankle injuries like clubfeet, flat feet, etc. that can be seen in children. These treatments are also to be done very carefully.

The bone, joint and muscle infections are also known as Osteomyelitis, Septic arthritis and Pyomyositis respectively. These infections cause inflammation in the bones, joints and muscles. Osteomyelitis is the result of bacterial infection in bones. Septic arthritis occurs due to joint infections and muscle infection results in Pyomyositis. The bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus causes staph infection in children and the infection is carried to the bones, muscles and joints through the blood. After leaving the blood stream, the bacteria multiply in the tissues of bones, muscles and joints. These bone infections occur in children as well as adolescents in the long bones of arms and legs. These bone, muscle and joint infections should be treated in proper time and should not be kept untreated as they can cause severe problems like abscesses or pockets of the infected pus, destruction in the bones and muscles, infections in the joints and disability or deformation of the bones, muscles and joints.

The children with infections in their bones, joints and muscles have different symptoms and signs. They are:

  • Pain in the affected area
  • Movements of the affected or infected area get reduced and if there is any infection in leg or back then the child with infections feels not to walk more or may limp due to pain
  • Fever due to infections
  • Infections in infants cause vomiting, irritable and lethargic situations and refuse to have food or eat.

There are many children who suffer from bone, muscle and joint infections after a long time of injury. The injuries in some areas of body can also be the symptoms of infections in muscles or bones or joints. Sometimes parents think that these injuries will get cured with time and it can be dangerous if infections from such injuries are noticed after a longer time. Therefore it is very important to take a child to the specialized doctors if some injuries cannot be resolved at home by the parents.

The children who are suffering from orthopedic infections should be taken to pediatric orthopedics in the pediatric center for proper treatment and quick recovery. The pediatric orthopedics needs to know the medical history of the child from the parents. The doctors may do some physical examination of the painful area to know about the pain of the child during movements. Some tests like blood tests and tissue cultures including tests of blood tissue and blood fluid for identifying the bacteria and other infected organisms that cause the infections and imaging tests like ultrasound, x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are to be done for the diagnosis of the infections.

The diagnosis of the infections and injury are very important at the first stage. So selection for an experienced and specialized pediatric orthopedic is very necessary for treatment of the injuries. The housekeeping staffs in the pediatric center should be well trained about how to behave and talk with the children. It is necessary to select the best reputed hospital for the treatment of a child. There should be presence of all rooms starting from the emergency center and operating theatre rooms to general rooms for treatment of pediatrics.

In case of mild infections, antibiotic treatment is enough for resolving the problems. The antibiotics can be given through intravenous, oral routes and PICC line by using a special intravenous device known as PICC. It takes a time of 4 to 6 weeks for resolving the bone infections and a time of 3 to 4 weeks for curing the muscles and joints infections. But in some cases, surgical treatment is necessary as to remove the pus or infected part from the infectious area. Such surgeries will make the blood flow properly by reducing inflammation and pressure and then the child can able to take antibiotics intravenously for resolving the infections.

The pediatric units are designed in a childish manner like cartoons should be painted in walls and different cartoon wallpapers should be pasted in the room which give delightful feelings to the children. Spaces should be present for accommodation of parents. A play room is to be attached with the unit which will help the injured child to cure fast. There should be proper security in those units. The patients should be given printed pediatric gowns having light colors like pink, light blue, light yellow that the kids will love. All these will keep the children a far away from fears.

The bone, muscle and joint infections can be cured by proper treatment in time with some basic needs along with medications. The basic needs of pediatric orthopedic patients do not meet with only quality medications but also with lovable behaviors from each person starting from the specialized doctors, pharmacists and nurses to the staffs, securities and others in the center along with nutritious food and drinks. These are very essential for pediatric orthopedic patients to heal out the pains fast by physically as well as mentally means.

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