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10 Tips on Improving Your Handgun Shooting Accuracy

A handgun or a pistol is the most difficult of the firearms to shoot. A handgun is a firearm that is handheld. Hence a lot depends on the ability to hold it well. Handguns and pistols generally mean the same and overlap with one another.

Handguns are smaller and lighter to operate when compared to the long guns. They are unique as they can be used ambidextrously and have easy maneuverability. Handguns make for very good concealed carry weapons.

Here is a write up on ten ways to improve your accuracy when shooting with a handgun. Remember that accuracy is not something that comes straightaway. It requires immense practice and training to be an accurate handgun shooter. Here are some handgun shooting tips to improve your aim and accuracy.

  • A handgun trigger requires more pressure than the weight of the gun

In any type of handgun, the trigger requires more pressure. And for this, the handgun has to be held steadily and perfectly. To aim it accurately, the gun should be perfectly still when the pressure is applied on the trigger. Otherwise, the handgun will miss the original aim.

  • Dry fire practice

A basic dry firing technique helps a lot in improving the aim to a great extent. Practicing pulling the trigger without the distraction of the sounds and recoil is an important factor that plays a role here. One can train the eyes, body and the trigger finger to pull the trigger accurately, without getting distracted, by aiming perfectly. As there is no recoil here, it becomes very easy to notice if the hand was steady or not while pulling the trigger. Live ammunition causes sound and light that distracts from the main focal aim. Hence a dry fire practice is an essential tip to master handgun shooting.

Once sufficient training is achieved through dry fire practice, one can start to practice aiming during live fire sessions, where, even with the distractions the aim is perfect.

  • Laser sight

Having a laser sight helps the shooter to visualize the effectiveness of the trigger pull on the target aim.

  • Live fire practices and muscle memory movement

A handgun shooter should have live fire practices for better muscle memory. It helps in improving the aim and accuracy.



  • Practice to squeeze the trigger

Better accuracy is achieved by squeezing the trigger with the right amount of practice. Though it is called the trigger pull, never pull the trigger hard. It causes loss of accuracy. A good handgun shooting tip is to actually squeeze the trigger and not to pull it hard. Pulling involves the finger to be put deep inside the trigger guard and to use the center of the finger to pull the trigger. This subsequently adds extra pressure sideways, which affects the aim.

Squeeze the trigger using just the tip of the finger. The gun should be pointed and aimed at the target and the trigger pressed firmly to get better accuracy.

  • Sight alignment

It controls the accuracy of the shooting. This is nothing but aligning the handgun’s front and rear sights. One good indicator to know whether there are any sight alignment issues is to compare accuracy levels at different distances. If the targets at farther distances are being missed, then more practice is required.

  • Sight picture

Sight picture also has a significant role in getting the aim and accuracy right. Superimposing the aligned sights onto the target constitutes sight picture.

  • Have a great power stance

Having the right stance is very important to aim accurately. A power stance with shoulders slightly forward is one of the best stances that a handgun shooter should have.

  • Hard Grip and High hand grasp

A hard crush grip is essential to aim accurately. A quivering hand definitely misses a target. And when it comes to the grasp, it should be high hand. A high hand grasp indicates better control of the handgun with less movement because of recoil.

  • Practice safe shooting and gun handling practices

Last but not the least, one must practice safe shooting and gun handling practices. Avoid the following bad shooting habits such as pushing because of recoil anticipation; heeling due to recoil; jerking; tightening the grip; dropping the head; and an improperly placed trigger finger.

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