Self-Defense Firearms Training

10 Common Mistakes in Self-Defense Firearms Training

A saying goes which we all are familiar with, “prevention is better than cure”. There is so much so much happening in the world. Our state of peace has been disturbed; lives are threatened every now and then. Self-defense is one of the best ways of prevention. Attackers may attack anytime anywhere. They do not have suspected target rather vulnerable targets. So one common thing one can do is be aware of the surroundings and time. But when one cannot sit back and let the show happening when physically assaulted. They need to fight back and defend themselves.

There are a couple of techniques of self-defense. Firearm is one of them through which one can defend and fight back in case of violent attack. But defending and operating with firearms isn’t any toy to play with, it takes a lot of proper training and practices before one could finally use them for self-defense. There are many people who just go, buy a handgun for the first time and never manage to get any training neither have any kind of military law enforcement experience and start using it as self-defense weapon which is not a good idea. There are many institutions and private training centres that train on firearms, but while using firearms either on training or personally there are many mistakes that seemed to happen often. Here some of the vital mistakes are discussed.

Mistakes often made in Firearms Training:

Here we are going to talk about all the kinds of mistakes people make while firearm training. Firearms are often used as intimidating stuff than self-defense. The common range mistakes that are often made by people in the range are penned below.

  1. Firearms are very delicate weapons to operate. One of the major mistakes that people make in firearm training is seeking advice from unprofessional people or someone who isn’t expert and they end up giving bad advices. Having firearms doesn’t always mean that person is expert in teaching, it so happens sometime they end up giving bad advices. So before taking training from anyone gather references and knowledge about them, how well they train, how much experienced they are.
  2. Another major common mistake is taking wrong training and it leads to improper guidance to handle firearms. Taking training from multiple places without any certified guarantee misleads in firearm training. They apply a lot of wrong techniques and no particular proper technique while using firearms.
  3. The next is proper tutorial from an expert. Firearms is not just any casual tool to deal with, any mistake in handling it can cost a life. Most people take it lightly and get training from a place where number of teachers is very less compared to the number of student. Firearms training are something that requires one to one ratio of teacher and student. Training area should have range experts. This mistake is noticed that people take training from a chaotic place and miss out the attention of proper guidance under an expert.
  4. Another is selecting the right gun for you. Commonly it has been seen people make a mistake in selecting the wrong gun for them. Choosing a gun that fits well in your hand and is convenient for using as per body size and weight is important. But unfortunately people select the wrong firearms which are not compatible with them and are not sure about what to do with it that creates destruction during the training.
  5. The next is repetitive usage of one technique. After learning one usage process of firearms, many seem to repeat it over and over and again. No doubt perfection comes from practice but staying on one technique and not learning the other ways may not make one prepared to apply it in times of need when facing the real world for self-defense. Thus this mistake is also noticed.
  6. Each situation demands unique application for safety. If you have completed your learning process under one professional instructor you should check with some other professional instructors too, to check out whether there is any variation in the training process. The more you explore in learning various techniques the more safety techniques you get to learn of various situation. If someone says there is only one way of doing it then you should immediately change your training classes as there is no particular rule. This mistake is also made by many.
  7. The next major mistake is being careless and talking here and there within the range with loaded firearms within the range without keeping their pistol positioned in downrange. Muzzle awareness is an important thing which is overlooked by many during firearms training. There are lot of people within the range whose life can be into real danger because of this careless attitude.
  8. In times of attack you never know from which direction danger may knock you. Thus while taking firearms training one need to practice shooting target from various positions. It is seen that most of the learners practice shooting in one direction and doesn’t try multiple target positions.
  9. Next is trigger control. One of the unsafe mistakes made by firearms trainee is keeping their finger on the trigger with loaded guns and talking with people that accidentally may cause harm to people nearby as fingers on trigger can accidentally get pressed.
  10. For self-defense you should learn as many as ways to practice firearms with different firearms and techniques. Many fail to learn with various forms of drills which keep them unprepared for situations where such application of firearms is required.

All these frequent mistakes are noticed during firearms training that should be checked, after all nothing is worth more than your precious life and health.