Want to run an app on your Android but don’t want to install them?


Well here is an app called Android Instant Apps that allows its users to run any app without needing to install them. First showcased at the Google I/O 2016 keynote, the basic logic behind this app is Google will be streaming an app on the device totally avoiding the need of installing the app.

Now how this whole process works?

Basically this feature will work for those apps where the developers usually have to split it into multiple modules and  further with the help of deep linking Google play will fetch  up only those modules that necessary for it to run in a android device.  As a result suppose if you are searching for a particular thing which coincidentally is present inside the app installed in your device Google will open it for you so that you can experience as you have got if you have manually installed it on your device. And as we have discussed all of this is only possible because of deep linking facility that allows Google to reach the necessary app content directly from the search results.

And if a particular developer is having particular type of searches then they can add ‘intent filters’ for their particular activities.