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10 Benefits You Need to Know About Area Rugs

Area rugs are rectangular-shaped floor coverings that are kept in small as well as large rooms to decorate the floor attractively. It provides become an accident free factor for the dwellers in home. They prevent any damage of the shiny floors at high traffic areas. They help to keep the area stain free and shiny by preventing continuous footprints of the children and pets in the house. It prevents any destruction of the floor tiles.

The piles of area rugs are made up of various types of materials like synthetic fibers including polyester, polypropylene and nylon other than wool as the woolen rugs are much expensive than the synthetic ones. Jute and silk area rugs are also available in market. They are available in various designs and styles. They also come in handmade clothes also. The hand woven rugs are made up of good qualities materials and they too are long lasting.

The area rugs are available in varieties of textures to give a stunning appearance to the room. One can change the interior design and looks of the room by simply replacing the old one with a new rug having suitable design and color that get matched with the room color.

In home, area rugs are used due to a number of benefits:

  • Easy maintenance– Area rugs can be used in any room of a house for proper maintenance of the expensive floors in home. These rugs help in prevention of damage to the tiles, marbles and other flooring materials due to continuous movements through it.
  • Appearance– The area rugs are available in different styles and colors that will provide a perfect match with the rest part of home decors. They are available in different cuts and designs to give an attractive looks when placed in floor of rooms.
  • Comfort– These are also suitable for walking comfortably in even hard floors and also prevent slipping chances during moving on smooth hard floors. They also provide a warm feeling and safety to the feet.
  • Hypoallergenic properties– The area rugs are made up of sea grass which helps the dwellers who suffer from several allergies to sit freely near the rugs. The sea grass rugs are free of dangerous toxic substances.
  • Variable sizes– They come in various sizes starting from shorter rectangle shaped of 4’* 6’ up to larger sizes of 12’*15’. Therefore they can be placed in bedroom, and entrance area of home and also in areas like in front of dining table and couch.
  • Space definable– They are very helpful for multifunctional rooms those are not separated with walls by defining the space in an organized way. They give separate intimate zones to a single large room.
  • Act as Insulator– Rugs act as an insulator for the indoor environment and are able to save energy in home. These rugs insulate the floors of a room and give a psychological warmth feeling to the dwellers.
  • Cost effective– They come with long durability and so they cost very less with time when compared with good quality floor tiles and marbles and hard floors that are difficult to purchase and maintain frequently.
  • Acoustics– Several studies have proven that rug runners are able to absorb a number of sounds and when they are made with extra pads then the acoustics nature gets enhanced.
  • Easy Sustainable– Recently it has been observed that the old worn out rugs are recycled to make a new one. According to manufacturers, 121 million pounds of old damaged rugs are collected and then they are recycled for the manufacture of new rugs. 85% of 121 million pounds damaged rugs are recycled nowadays using new technologies.

The Area Rugs are available in pads for extra comfort to the bare feet. These rugs protect the home dwellers from accidental falls on hard wood floors. The area rugs are made in bright and dark colors also so that the dusts in the rugs cannot be easily visible and will be unable to destroy the home décor. These are highly beneficial to use in home which serves the purpose of decoration as well as protection equally.

Besides all these benefits, they are also used for trapping dusts, allergens and other contaminants and helps by keeping the floor clean. These trapped materials cannot be removed until they are properly cleaned. These rugs provide comfortable, warmth and cozy feeling to the sore feet of the home dwellers. A dark color wide area rug when placed in the beautiful wide room then it gives a classy look to the house. Though these rugs do not get damaged easily in few years but after years when they get worn out then they can be easily changed by a new rug unlike the costly hard floors that are difficult to replace.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification have done several studies which says that the rugs are easy to clean than the hard floors as the floors having hard surface needs about two and a half time more cleaning time to clean than the rugs and about seven times more expensive to clean the floor tiles than the area rugs.

There are fully fixed rugs but they are difficult to clean, replace and expensive than the removable rugs. Any stains like mud walks by the children and pets can easily be removed from rugs by washing with cleaning agent. The rugs should be placed very evenly on the floors in a complete flat way as they may cause accidents during walking when they are placed unevenly.

Area rugs are perfect choice for various places like dining room, living room, bedrooms and other open floor rooms. Rug runners are easily available in the market and one can also browse a number of rug runners online for buying. If one chooses to select an area rug having specific design, color, texture and cuts of one’s choice then he or she can easily choose a hand woven rug. They are available in the exact designs as they were ordered. But these area rugs are to be bought from reputable manufacturers for getting quality goods.

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Choosing the Right Size of Navy Area Rugs

Buying a carpet is like shopping for a dress for your grandmother― It are often sort of overwhelming, there are unit lots of things to contemplate, and if you get one that’s too tiny she simply would possibly wear it out of constraint then you’ll need to stomach yourself because the funky guy that bought their granny a tube apparel, that she wore to your cousin’s sacrament.

How to opt for the correct carpet size for your house is troublesome, particularly once rugs area unit notoriously sort of pricy and so discouraging. normally folks obtain rugs that area unit too tiny as a result of 5×7 and 6x9s area unit such a lot economical than (eight x ten) or (nine x twelve), however its usually aiming to build the complete house look cut up and accidental thus in a very means you’ve simply wasted that cash. Tight love, brood.

Here are Seven tips that you just will follow to assist you decide:

  1. Live the scale of your seating before looking and obtain the highest see from that. If anyone’s finance is tight and their area is little you’ll be able to have a smaller carpet that floats ahead of all the piece of furniture – this can be particularly ok if your couch is secured against the wall – you don’t get to waste the carpeting land beneath the couch if you can’t even see that it’s there. However, if anyone’s piece of furniture is light or if their area is huge, get a bigger carpeting instead it’ll build the space look smaller, cut up and whole out of proportion. One amongst the most functions of a carpet is to drag the space along, not cleave it up.
  2. Orient the carpet to the space – If you’ve got protracted carpeting, orient it length – wise. If you’ve got additional of an embonpoint fat area, orient it horizontally. This can be not continuously the case thus it’s a really nuanced state of affairs. Usually if you’ve got an extremely long and thin area then you may have 2 totally different seating area units and 2 rugs that are orientating with those accommodation space, however the rugs got to cover a definite quantity of land on the ground in proportion to the space, thus if you’re dimensioning the carpet to your couch, not your area then usually you’re pruning large parts of the space and once more, creating it look smaller. Thus once unsure, come with the orientation of the space.
  3. Limbs on or off? This can be a matter, one should buy ALL the time what’s best for him/her and be CONSISTENT. If you don’t have a huge carpet that matches all of your piece of furniture (because affirmative, that’s ideal) then confirm that you just area unit a minimum of in line with however you hold the limbs; if your couch limbs area unit off, have the recliner limbs off the carpet moreover. If your couch is all on, then you can’t have the chairs all off or it’ll extremely break up the speech space. So I say, ALL LIMBS ON, or ALL LIMBS OFF or if it’s slightly too tiny to be all on, then try and have all pretty equally on the carpet. Is that confusing? Simply be consistent thus it’s as intentional as doable.
  4. I have seen it wherever the couch is all on and therefore the rugs area unit 1/2 and contrariwise and it will look fine, however splendidly all the limbs would get on the carpet. If you’ve got to decide on that legs ought to get on then opt for those that area unit the smallest amount obvious. If your couch is low and nearer to the wall then you’re less possible to examine under that and reveal the actual fact that it’s not absolutely on the carpeting.
  5. rugs area unit for sq. rooms. That’s all. Spherical rugs area unit for foyers/entries or youngsters room/family rooms that area unit additional mischievous (or spherical formed rooms just in case you reside in a very Yurt).
  6. If you’ve got a carpet that’s too tiny however you like it, then obtain an oversized sisal that matches the complete seating and layer your favourite carpet on prime – I try this ALL THE WHILE. Jute fibres, seaweed rugs area unit cheapish thus shopping for a 9×12 is additional accomplishable than a 9×12 antique kilim.
  7. Make sure that your carpet is has somewhat 6-10″ on one or the other side of the sofa. This can be crucial. If the breadth of the carpet is the same because of breadth of the couch then you’re in hassle – it’ll look too tiny and build a bowling alley impact.

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