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Conference Vs Journal Paper: 10 basic similarity & difference

Frequently it has been noticed that there are loads and loads of confusion regarding conference papers appearing as journal papers or vice versa may take place. Conference generally involve meeting of a group of people where individuals or groups of people will discuss new ideas and research work leading to a forum of many new more upcoming inventions to happen.

Hope we all know that Journal paper is an academic or scholarly journal which is a peer reviewed or referred periodical scholarship relating to a particular disciplined followed. Generally academic journals serve as forums for the introduction and presentation for the light of new innovation and invention and the offence of critique for the existing research.


  1. While studying a journal paper or attending a conference a single thing which is very knocking to everyone that these events helps the general or the attendees to gather huge knowledge about the topics they are unaware or yet to know.
  2. Journal paper has been many times reviewed to make further modifications and up gradations, whereas conferences are mainly nailed to new topics and recent research fields to scoop out the unknown knowledge.
  3. These events are generally attended by researchers, scholars, students and many more so that they can step up with the upcoming advancements of the nature, research and technology.
  4. In both this resources, several up gradations and modifications have enhance to improve mankind and technological support that aids human life.
  5. Prior to the discovery of all these new era of technologies, sciences and logics there was a time  when people were hidden in the grooves of darkness where these knowledge of research, conferences and inventory methods helped people to a great extent to cover the darkness and cherish the light of happiness and knowledge.


So let’s learn about the Conference Vs. journal paper tug of war, where a conference paper presentation offers the platform to interact with people whereas conference paper publication forum offers a better and superior representation stage compared to the journal paper. So let’s look forward the difference between them.

 1) Feedback

  • It has been seen that conference paper often provides a faster feedback as audience interaction is very effective.
  • But the journal paper often counts about twice as much as credit, as well as takes too much long time to get pressed and published.

2) Short and Precise:

  • The conference paper is generally small and precise due to time constraint and in that case feedback is not so important.
  • But in case of Journal paper is generally long and full length peering of journal paper makes it time consuming and big.

 3) Publication Procedure:

  • Selection of conferences is much easier and they are mostly prominently directional.
  • But the journal for publication is really too difficult and sometimes authors do not offer sufficient importance to their research and opt to go for lower graded journals for rapid publication.

4)  Analytical Skill:

  • For the conference papers the depth of analysis and scrutiny is not as deep as found in journal publication.
  • But in Journal papers the investigations, market surveys and the analysis are so well explained that it leads to huge depth of description and new sculpturing of thoughts and ideas.

5) Interaction:

  • Conferences help in interacting with the international people on the same forum.
  • While in journal paper publication we have seen that such interactions is not possible. This is due to the fact that journal doesn’t not involve any kind of communication.

6) Explanation pattern:

  • In conference paper presentation, the elaborative way of explanation performed by an individual candidate is exclusively very magnificent.
  • For Journal papers this very way elaborate and extensive explanation is never expected and not even possible too.

7) Topic of Discussion:

  • Generally the topic usually discussed in a conference paper accounts recent topics with very new research works.
  • But the topics usually elaborated in journals are generally old or not the recent ones.

8) Filter Process:

  • It has often seen, in conferences almost all topics are accepted in certain extent without having proper filtering or screening criteria’s, so the individual attending the conference is comparatively more as all are accepted.
  • But in case of journal several approval and recheck is done for further publications.

9) Impact Factor:

  • The impact factor offered by a journal paper is very high as interaction chances are much more.
  • The impact factor for a journal is much less, as the interaction among the people is lesser as well as sometimes even outdated topics are very less useful.

10) Papers to be presented:

  • For conference the mode of presentation includes posters, public discussions and even PowerPoint presentations also.
  • For journals, it refers to an article which can be published as a journal.

11) Audience Feedback Help:

  • In conference paper presentation, there is one to one interaction with audience, which not only helps in explanation but also makes the audience on spot feedback which is very effective.
  • But in journal presentation the facility of on spot audience feedback is

Not obtained, so it is less beneficial comparatively.

12) Deadlines:

  • The reviews of the conference are not specified or directed with particular deadlines.
  • The reviews of the journal paper are usually provided with deadlines, like six months or one year.

So the differences and the similarities are well listed well and to be followed. This way the similarity and the difference are well illustrated and illuminated so that the impact of conference and journals are well highlighted.

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7 Best Practices for Sourcing your Life Sciences Conference 2017

Life Science Conferences are the trend of the society in today’s scenario. As more and more people are looking forward to attend newer sessions of life science conferences in the year 2017, the demands and the expectations are also raising sky high. As a result of that the organizers need to crack their brains to bring about innovative ideas to make the conferences interesting and the topics of conferences interesting for the persons attending them.

There are a few tried and tested methods for sourcing conferences in general and most of them are applicable for life science conferences as well. The life science conference needs some special attention as the topics that are covered are basically pertaining to anything and everything that goes on within us as well as the physical environment around us. The 7 best practices for life science conference are:

  1. Buying open architecture apps: Buying of the most useful architecture app is a very crucial task altogether. IT requires quite a lot of professional expertise as well as a hell hot of meticulous hard work. The whole organizing committee needs to work hand in hand to make the life sciences conference a great success. The management of the app needs to be in the hands of competent people who have a great deal of idea as to how to manage and provide with open-architecture. The quality of integration that the system provides entitle you with is the topic of question. You need to assure that they are the best of the kind. As an organizer you need to make sure that you have the best app for the purpose available at your disposal for the conference and that the best IT professionals involved in your team are taking the best care of it.


  1. Talk to professionals: In order to decide which topic will be most suitable for your life sciences conference in 2017. Basically you need to be sure of the topic of your discussion and that it contains some take home points for the attendees, not to forget the topic has to be innovative and not much discusses before. This will in turn ensure that all your attendees are happy with what they get in the conference. Professional help is best sought out for, for this purpose and if you are lucky enough to have the best people for job then there is no chance of failure.


  1. Give the right job to the right people: In case of a life sciences conference there are a number of thing that needs to be take care of. So as a decision maker of the organizing committee, you need to be very judicious about deciding which job to give to which person. If you keep a pre-defined agenda ready then there is absolutely no need for you to be worked up about this job. On the basis of your agenda you can determine which job to assign to which personnel and likewise make the team, so that the work in well done and within the stipulated amount of time. It is advisable that you plan well in advance to make things fall into place before you have the final day.


  1. Have an Active Tech team: The tech team for organizing a life sciences conference is of vital importance. The activity and the performance of the tech team is the deciding factor as to how much information you will have to give away to the attendees as well as how well you will connect with them. The number of attendees you will be reaching will also be determined on the basis of that. Your promotions, app features and the like will decide how many people get drawn towards your marketing strategies and attend your show on the final day.


  1. The compliance group is important: No matter how small this group is, they can be of immense help in increasing the impact of your conference. The compliance group will be able to decide how savvy your apps and programs are and how powerful they can be in creating their impact on the mass attending the life sciences conference. They can advise and reconcile event data without any penalties. This is a great way to regulate and get the whole process of life sciences conference rolling.


  1. Create a save event app: The event app needs to be safe and secure of the public to use. They need to be simple and easy to use as well. In the app, you need to ensure that the payments to be made for the fees of the conference are secure and the event data has back up and encrypted. All the teams need to be controlled by a common regulatory body and their performance reviewed and audited on a timely basis. All the information provided on the app needs to be authentic and updated regularly so that the attendees or the probable attendees find all the information right at their fingertips.


  1. Gauge the functionality of the app: As a life sciences conference provides the latest and a very sensitive form of information it needs to be provided to all the attendees in a very simple format so that all can use it effectively. As most of us are savvy about using the mobile apps these days, the mobile app for the conference as well should be easy to use. It needs to reach out to the maximum people in a short period of time. The search options and filters need to be convenient for use by one and all.


In case of a life sciences conference, the planning and scheduling of the event or the meeting along with the preparation of the agenda and promotion of the whole event has immense effect. Thus it needs to be decided and organized judiciously depending on their functionality and performance. Plan ahead to make the best of your life sciences conference.

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10 Reasons Why Academics Attend Conferences

Do you know that you are the best ambassador of yourself and the most effectual representative of your brand?

And so, it is important to keep up a high profile and let populace know that you exist. Conferences and networking occasions give everyone an opportunity to get away from their usual work environment for a while, attend educational seminars, and meet up like-minded people in a more relaxed and intellectual setting.

These conferences are a fine platform to get skilled, interact with public, and discover new ways of living and conducting their work lives. Often the organizers put together remarkable and engaging programs covering different aspects of learning and development field. The explicit reason of attending conferences is to listen to and take a note of industry experts’ shared advices and insights into matters that you can benefit from.

Putting or traveling to a conference incurs some cost to you. But, this cost is an investment and the benefits you gain from attending that conference are a return on that investment. And in case multiple people attend, the value increases manifold. So, a day out of your usual routine to sharpen your existing skills and to add a few more to the bundle of already existing ones, is investing in yourself. To better yourselves!

Here are 10 reasons why academics attend conferences.

  1. You can sharpen your skills and learn new approaches and ideas to make yourself more efficient and effective at your work. Attending conferences and listening to speakers from your own areas of interest helps you widen your field of study you are into and also add great value to your research.
  2. You can meet experts and influencers face to face and you stand a chance to position yourself as an expert in your field. Sitting in the same chair, in the same environment, in the same office can keep you away from fresh ideas and thinking. When you meet new people, new ideas flow in, new concepts evolve and you tend to think in various other directions which you have never thought of before, after interacting with experts who are from the same academic interests that you are from.
  3. These conferences help you feel integrated with the academic communities. These communities keep you constantly connected with them, and hence the flow of information is continuous. When there is information exchange within people in these communities, you always feel motivated to invent and discover new theories and concepts, which you would not have really pondered on.
  4. You can meet people who are engrossed in the same matter of research and converse theoretical and methodological ideas. You can mix and mingle, create new relationships, and even strengthen existing ones. You can also encourage constructive criticism when you talk about your work, which helps you gather new ideas.
  5. You stand a chance that can help you to get to know other scholars and academics and to be known in academic circles by convening prearranged panels for huge academic conferences.
  6. You can talk to the members and get to know about their schools, colleges, and departments, gathering information about varied places where you might eventually, later in your life, wish to work.
  7. You can learn more about well-known names in your field, and find that they too were normal human beings like you, who were once graduated students.
  8. You have opportunities of attending a variety of presentations and hear and discover more about areas of your discipline that may not be researched in your own department.
  9. Probably, you may realize that your ideas and thoughts are more significant, relatively speaking, than you actually thought. Ultimately, making you realize that you are a knowledgeable, active, and valuable member of your field.
  10. The flip side of learning and discovering new things is relearning classic methods. Conferences produce opportunities for greater reflection and focus that could help you take you and your work to the next level.

So, there is nothing like being in space of like-minded people – other folks willing to take time out from their tedious schedules and away from their offices to learn something novel. These conferences help you to break out of your comfort zones, which is just like breaking out of old ways of thinking.

Conferences put in another layer of enjoyment and fun to managing yourselves and your career growth by blending in a taste of social aspect to your learning and field efforts. So, a good conference urges you to grow, widen your perspectives, and challenge yourself!

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10 Reasons on why Going to Engineering Conferences Is Important?

There is a great saying about engineers by famous scientist Albert Einstein who says that scientists explore facts which already is into existence but engineers invents those which is not yet into existence. This could be easily explained as engineers are those who go through problems and create a solution that is completely new in the whole experimental process. Engineering is the study of that branch of science which deals with building of new designs and ideas using various types of machines and engines. Engineering is about building innovative infrastructures and come up with new ideas for greater efficiency and make daily hazards of our life much easier.

Conferences are mainly professional gatherings where a group of researchers, experts, corporate people and pupil from various places meet in a forum to discuss and gather information about particular topic. Conference is a very effective place for collecting immense knowledge about a matter one wants to know, having the opportunity to meet influencers face to face and exchange of creative ideas.

Now if you are an engineering student or an engineer or even you belong to any other field you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Engineering Conferences.

Why Engineering Conferences are Important? 10 Reasons:

Apart from many conferences that are held all the year around in various places, Engineering Conferences are one of the important events that are highly beneficial in several ways. Below ten reasons are shared as why they are important and one should visit.

  • Engineering is a creative field where applying scientific principles innovative designs, structures, machines are made to make our work easier. Visiting such engineering conferences will help you to get more innovative ideas; you will have wider knowledge in that area of work and will stay updated to recent innovations and ideas.
  • One of the most important jobs of engineers is to create best researchable products in the competitive world. Engineers need to stay updated with the current market structure, but it is always not possible to keep track of things individually frequently. One may also miss some important engineering facts due to busy schedule. Thus participating in such engineering conferences will never let you miss important facts that are going around. If one belongs to an industry and is related with various engineering stuffs then it will be a gain visiting such conferences and stay up to date with the latest machines and technology, market structure and its competitors.
  • Since conference is a big gathering and many researchers and experts are present their, many facts are discussed. Discussing facts reveals errors and many disadvantages that one goes through in the research process. Thus if one is doing the same research may get to know about the disadvantages and can skip that part during research period saving time and can go with another way of doing it. This is only possible in such engineering conferences where group of engineers and researchers pay a visit.
  • Another reason for going to engineering conference is these conferences render many advantage to the institutions that send their staffs and employees as visitors and presenters to such conferences.
  • Engineering field mainly deals with creative stuffs that are consumed and used by us to make our life easier. Industries come up with new tools and techniques every day. If a company doesn’t visit such engineering conferences occasionally they will miss any innovation of new stuff in the market and may end up creating the same stuff that has been already introduced to the market. This may result as a great marketing loss to the company. So to avoid such peril, going to engineering conferences will make aware of such recent happenings in the market.
  • Going to this kind of conferences will keep you updated about your rivals in this competitive market. It is definitely an important fact to know your competitor in the market; else your company growth will be kicked by your competitors. Thus to avoid such pitfalls going to this type of conferences will be beneficial for company since lot of industries visit these conferences and talk and share about their latest creations in the market.
  • Another important reason is communication. Communication is the key to solve many problems. If anyhow your company or may be in the case of field of research and studies, is undergoing any massive problem, participating in these conferences may show you light to overcome your problems as it is an interactive session with a large team of members, speakers, experts. Communication through such huge lot where there are bunch of engineers, will easily help solve such issues quickly that you find difficult to solve alone.
  • Next main reason is your existence in the market. Until and unless you are not popular in the existing market your creations have no value and will not be noticed by consumers, marketers, clients and vendors. So to make yourself noticed in the wide market, going to these conferences will make you familiar in the market, open opportunities for you and your company. You may flourish overnight or might get a ticket to something big.
  • Engineering conferences often recruit and employ candidates, scholars from such conferences and also look for partnerships with skilled talented engineers and companies with such experts. Thus if you are an engineer and have talent you might show up in the event and share your ideas and views that big companies may find convincing and willing to work with you. It will be a gift to your talent and also a gain to your company. It saves extra expense too since everything comes under one roof.
  • Networking is another main reason. Engineering conferences are a road map to various technologies, solutions to many problems that challenge you as there is a giant gathering of engineers and experts.

Keeping all these reasons at the back of the mind, engineering conferences are important. It helps to sharpen us with latest technical happenings in the world.

Conference Rules: You Need to Know About Presenting an Academic Conference

In order to organize stuffs and make it work successfully there has to be some guidelines that will not only help to run the work systematically but will also trigger the work to be done perfectly. Every day to day important task that we perform in life follows some basic rules that keep it running smoothly. Rules guide us how a particular work should be framed.


Conferences are generally a gathering at a particular place where a group of people meet to discuss over a certain topic officially. Conferences are held so that new ideas can be created, exchanged and brought into light for further improvement in that particular field. Since a large number of individuals are present many issues are also solved to make things work bigger and better. There are numerous types of conferences that take place throughout the year amongst which academic conference is one of them.


An academic conference is a conference where researchers gather to discuss their sphere of work. Attending these academic conferences will gain you highly knowledgeable facts that help in further academic programs. It helps to lift your skills and knowledge higher in that particular sphere. But there is quite a few rules one need to know before planning an academic conference.


Rules you should know before Presenting Academic Conference:

Since conferences are official gatherings where vital discussions take place one need to keep in mind few things before the grand presentation to avoid annoying your listeners and visitors of the event.


  • If you are an organizer of the event make you sure you have detail list of what are the topics that are to be discussed. Making a content book of the event leaves you with fewer hazards.
  • During the presentation avoid using your phones or keep it in silent mode. It distracts the audience as well as the presenter. It demotivates the presenter thinking listener is losing interest. The light also disturbs the concentration of the speaker and the listeners which seems as a selfish act of yours. So try to avoid it.
  • Study your paper and find out does it fit the topic and theme of the academic conference that you are about to present. Does it include all the facts that need to be highlighted as per the conference that you are going to attain? Don’t make unnecessary facts that don’t match with the fact of the event. If you are unsure make enquiries before presenting on the final day.
  • Once you find out a particular conference that is suitable for you and you are likely to present make further research and ask from the organizer of the event what actually they require and looking forward to. What do they exactly, find out the word limits, how much and on what type they need you to speak. When they limit it make sure you underline the key words that should be spoken whilst presenting.
  • Submission of the paper should be done on exact date given or better if earlier. Submitting paper earlier results to be advantageous if any changes occur beforehand. Submitting your paper earlier draws special attention to the organizer and you get a chance to perform at a favourable time span during the event. Late additions are taken or often excluded leaving you with bad reputation. Also do not forget to include your email-id and contact details clearly without any mistake.
  • Once you get your paper done to be presented make sure you prepare before presenting on the final day. Find out your time allocation and structure your academic paper cautiously. Prepare and collect adequate amount of material. Rehearse as much as you can.
  • Make a list of listeners before presenting so that you actually know the amount of exact listeners and who are they that will show keen interest in listening to you and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Do not look at the paper or flip the pages while you speak. Keep your head high so that your listeners can listen to you clearly. Speak clearly and pronounce well. Check beforehand your area of presenting so that you feel comfortable and relaxed on the presentation day.
  • Do not overdo your speech. Know your area of speaking, work on it and try to create a speech that looks more promising and real and not materialistic. Always make a good and a conclusion.
  • Have a pre look at all the electronic gadgets that you will be using. Make sure you are comfortable with them and they work properly to avoid any embarrassing situation during the final presentation day.


These are above are few rules that you must keep in mind and be aware of before presenting an academic presentation. After all a good reputation and impression does matter.

Why Conference Listing the Right Option to Promote Your Upcoming Event?

When your organization or institution decides to organize a conference, you have to focus on many things to make the upcoming event a success. Many students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs nowadays attend conference regularly to discuss new ideas and emerging industry trends with others. But most people nowadays love to participate in conferences without putting extra time, effort and money. A large percentage of modern people even love to attend conferences from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Hence, you must take advantage of latest digital equipments and communication technologies to enable students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneur to attend the conference in a convenient and flexible way. At the same time, you also need to promote the upcoming conference through the right online channel to reach out to a higher number of targeted audiences and ensure maximum turnout. Based on your plan and budget, you have option to promote the conference through a number of options.

The pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement model provided by major online search engine and popular social networking sites will enable you to promote the conference by targeting relevant audience within a shorter amount of time. But the advertisement model will require you to invest a hefty sum of funds, and monitor the promotional campaign continuously. You still have option to promote the event in a cost-efficient way by posting blogs, uploading webinars/podcasts, creating social media events, and distributing press releases.

You have to make and implement a comprehensive strategy to promote the upcoming conference effectively without spending a lot of money. That is why; you, like other smart organizers, must consider promoting the conference through a reliable and popular conference website. The primary functionality of these websites is to help organizer to reach out to more audience, and promote their event by targeting relevant audience. The websites further convey detailed information about the conference to the relevant subscribers by sending email alerts on a regular basis.

You can gather information about various online sources, and choose the right conference website based on the data. After picking the right website, you can avail the conference listing option provided by it to post detailed information about your conference on it. While listing the conference on the website, you can post key details about the event like topic, keynote speakers, venue, schedule, conference paper abstract submission process, and URL of the official website of the event.

There are many students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs who visit popular conference websites to gather information about upcoming conferences, seminars, workshops and similar events. Hence, you can easily convey information to the relevant audience simply by listing the conference on the right website. At the same time, you can also avail the services provided by the website to promote the conference more aggressively and quickly. The website will further promote your event by sending email alerts to the relevant subscribers. The subscribers can get information about your conference whenever they check mails on computers or mobile devices.

Planning the Best Conference

Planning the best conference is not an easy task to take up. But when you are given the responsibility then it needs to be done very judiciously and in an orderly manner. To organize a best conference you need to follow a couple of steps in order.

The steps that you need to follow in order to organize the best conference are:

Select a theme

The theme of the conference is to be arranged and decided well beforehand. This is a very important thing as it becomes easy to make the arrangements and organize the seminar and arrange for the delegates, the speakers and the topic.

Decide on venues

Deciding on the venue is essential. You must look at your guest list and choose and decide on an appropriate venue for your conference. The venue needs to be of the right size and must have the right kind of accommodation. The venue has to be selected in advance as there is a good amount of competition for the venues these days.

Select the topic

Get the topic ready beforehand. So that people are ready before they attend the conference. The topic selected must be interesting and catchy so that just by looking at it more and more people get attracted to your conference and join in, making your conference a grand success.

Select the speakers

The speakers need to be invited and arranged properly. Appropriate speakers need to be selected and they should have a complete knowledge about the topic that you have selected for the conference. Preferably they should be a professional in the exact same field for the same.

Select the date

Selecting an appropriate date for the conference is also a tedious task. For this firstly you need shortlist a couple of suitable dates. One date has to be finalized after proper discussion with the other members of your team.

Allot work

Allotting the work and giving the right responsibility for the conference to the right people is a necessity. This way you will not only be able to arrange a good conference and make it a good success but you will be able to make all the arrangements for it well in advance as well.

Prepare the budget

Decide on how much you need to spend on each area of the conference. You should be able to judge how much you can afford to spend for your conference. Once you have decided on the whole budget decide on how much to be allotted for each department for the conference as well.

Organize the enrollment procedure

This is again a very time consuming and tiring activity. You need to plan out a proper enrollment procedure for your delegates. Today online enrollments are most sorted for and thus be careful to organize your page such that each information, as well as enrollment step is written in a simple manner for everyone to understand.

Prepare the agenda

If you have an organized agenda ready well before the conference then your audience will also be interested in all that you have to offer. Preparing agenda and giving its handouts to the delegates on the day of the conference is essential. This will help them follow the order of the conference.

All this said and done, you are ready to go and own the stage. There are other minor criteria as well which you need keep in mind while planning a best conference on any topic, any language or directed at any particular set of audience as well. By following all these steps judiciously you will surely be able to plan the best conference in a lifetime.

The Advantages of an Affordable Conference Listing

Conferences are formal meetings regarding different topics which involve some discussions and presenting different posters by a group of people about some topics. The discussions may be about some problems facing by a company or an organization like schools, research laboratories or about starting a new approach from the higher authority of the company or organization.

A conference listing consists of some necessary requirements like formulation of the conference theme, formulation of the subject to be discussed in the theme, setting a date or dates preferable Sundays or other holidays , recruitment of conference assistants and staffs, recruitment of some working groups who will organize the event, hiring a spot where the group of people will discuss about different topics, seating arrangement for the people, a board which can be required during discussion, catering like tea and coffee breaks and lunch packs and other conference stationeries like flower bouquets, badges, etc.

Such conference listing can be made affordable by setting a suitable registration fees which will match with the arrangement in the conference. The late registration fees should be made a bit higher. The method of payments and preferable currencies should be specified. A specific date is to be fixed for settling the deadline of final payments. The conference staffs should check all registration fees that are received have been processed or not and if there found any queries then to resolve them. The final confirmations of the seats in the conference are to be sent to the participants. The final list of the registered participants is to be made and then the catering agencies are to be informed according to the lists. There should be arrangement of ordinary badges with first name and organization name of the participants and staffs. There should be one registration desk with two to three staffs. The lunch packs can be made from the organization canteen or some nearby restaurants for which there will be no transportation charges.

An affordable conference will make more people to come for attending the conference. Different views regarding a subject from different person will be obtained and that will help in the performance of the organization. There should be arrangement of a number of speakers which will be beneficial for affordable conference. The cost of badges and food will be balanced by the registration fees. The organization will gain valuable ideas from the speakers for their betterment in working. The total cost of the conference should be taken from the registered participants through registration fees. This is one advantage of the organization that without much loss of money, it will gain good suggestions from experienced persons of conference event field. Through the conference, the company or organization can make some proposals with other organizations which will meet the purpose of the former.

The affordable conference listing is very important to the corporate sector as the company need not to afford much money for the employees due to travelling to some distant places. Rather people from different organization will come to an affordable selected place near the company who has organized the conference and will share their views for selected subjects made by the company. So here the company is only getting the benefits.

Nowadays audio and video conference systems are very popular. An organization just requires an online conference room where conference can be done only by software packages. One can share his or her ideas by standing in the conference room using posters and Power Point presentations with people worldwide. The most advantage of such conference is by using webcam one can able to see the sponsors and contributors at a time if they are from other states and countries.

Such affordable conference listing through internet makes a great advantage of any organization. These are the different advantages of an affordable conference listing.

Conference Website Planning – Questions to Ask!

All good bonding starts with a healthy conversation, be it a personal bonding or professional. Conversation is the source to know, collect and gather information that we look for in order to solve various issues that we look for thus leaving it being more than just playing with words. Conversations can take place between two people or a vast majority of people which we call meeting and in some cases conference.


Conference is predominantly understood as an official meeting to converse about a particular topic. It’s during a conference meeting only mostly where new innovative ideas are created and talked about by various experts.

Websites these days have brought the story of the world on our desk. We can know, perform and organise various activities through websites sitting anywhere anytime. If you are still wandering around what to make available on your website and how to frame can be quite a manoeuvre.


To build an effectual website, you first have to place yourself in one of the visitors place, put yourself in their shoe and view things from the eye of a visitor and find out what information they might look for and what you will be expecting from them. Above all you have to make sure that your website succeeds in delivering all those answers that they will look for during the conference.


Your website is one of the first stepping stones of your conference planning procedure. Any individual looking for any relevance information will end up looking your conference website. Your website is the main search engine that will provide information seeker with their need. Half success of your event lies in your conference website where you can showcase various items of your event, answers to most expected question which will save you time from repeated questions and mailing.


So in order to build up a good event it’s very important to create a website for your conference and run it as soon as possible.

Questions to ask to build an effective conference:

  1. First you got to ask what will the attendees need that are looking forward to your conference. A registration form is a major item in the conference website planning. Links and details on the sessions that will take part. Most importantly location, time where and when it’s held and guideline to help the attendees how to reach there.  Your event should have a proper logo, conference name and date on which it is taking place. You may provide a map location via Google map to make it convenient for the visitors and avoid hazard of transportation and parking problems. Present everything with links and pictures attached in the website.


  1. Next are the requirements for speakers. There should be a page where bios of speakers should be present while they will be delivering speech in the conference. Links should be there to help build a connection network with them. The relationship between a speaker and the conference plays a vital role. It’s a speaker’s responsibility to deliver more through their speaking to the attendees that will either answer to all their questions or avoid a question mark after the speech. They should be given a list of possible questions. Social media these days have very much helped speakers in reaching their attendees. Speakers should be active in various blogs and social Medias. They should portray interest to their visitors. Your website should have all these contents.


  1. Define the structure of the website that will help attendees to find the material they are looking for. Try to find out what questions and problems your visitor may face and include them thoroughly in your website. You may provide a chart to help your attendees to have a sound knowledge about the conference by mentioning the list of all speakers, delegates and various stuffs that will take place along the journey. Provide specific information and guidelines about submission of registration forms, deadlines and the detailed process. Your website should have page for bookings of the visitors and contact information for further queries.


  1. Last question that arises is the things that need to happen at the conference location. In order to perform the advertised conference meeting perform smoothly. You need to select a spacious venue. The location should have a banner to make it easily visible to its participants. There should be enough space for the participants to interact and socialise nicely. There should be entry and exit space to avoid chaos of the visitors. Microphones and all technical matters should be rechecked to avoid any embarrassing disturbing situation. There should be volunteers to help visitors, if they require any info. Lastly arrangements of food and snacks should be made for refreshment.


Thus in order to make your conference a successful one you need to ask yourself all these question for better performance and make a path open for future conference planning. A special area of question should be asked and made for sharing visitors’ experience and what else they were looking for in the conference that will be of great help for future events.